Athletic scholarships sparse for high school athletes

Ian Howard | Staff Writer While teenage athletes may look at their high school sports as potential tickets into collegiate athletics, less than 5.7 percent of high school athletes advance to the National Collegiate Athletic Association level on paid scholarships, according to’s Cross Country Coach Tom Rapp received 90 percent of his athletic scholarship to Pennsylvania State University in […]

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The physics of pole vaulting

Katelyn Cain | Staff Writer With most sports, the spheres of school and athletics are kept separate, but pole vaulting, an event in track and field, incorporates physics to maximize jump height. Understanding the physics of pole vaulting is essential to achieving the perfect pole vault, according to head pole vault coach Mark Sutton.

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Hanging up the shoes – Web Exclusive

Joe Spencer | Staff Writer For seniors working to be the best player on the team their entire high school careers, there comes a time to hang up the shoes. This is what most of the senior athletes at Mason High School are going through currently at the end of third trimester. While graduation means the end of high school […]

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