Column: College acceptance an achievement

Janie Simonton | Staff Writer The other day, I pulled into my driveway after school, locked my doors and walked to the mailbox. Perusing the daily post, I see the usual suspects: the bills for my parents, the “Hey, come check out our campus!” letters from colleges I would never even consider. Usually, most of the college envelopes that show […]

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Column: Welcome to the third dimension – Web Exclusive

Thom Carter | Staff Writer As always, movies are changing. Special effects become exceedingly spectacular, monsters become more and more convincing, and disasters become startlingly real. But what if all these things and more came out you in eye-popping 3-D? More than ever, the third dimension has become the new avenue for filmmakers to venture down, and with good reason. There’s no […]

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Column: Free speech can’t justify all

Janica Kaneshiro | Staff Writer Put simply, the First Amendment is an important one. It’s what makes us Americans. Okay, so we’ve been hearing this since the second grade, right? But it wasn’t until recently I had even considered that there might be a truly ugly part of this freedom. I don’t think it’s so much the amendment I’ve suddenly […]

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