Staff Editorial: Pay-to-play

The routine morning workouts, the after-school tryouts and the long practices are routine in an athlete’s vocabulary in his or her quest to make a team. But next year, after seeing their names on the team roster, Mason High School athletes will have to hand over a $150 fee — a payment to participate.

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Staff Editorial: Seniors’ desire for retouched photos has crossed the line

As our friends hand out their wallet-sized senior pictures throughout their senior year, we can’t help but notice that the people in these pictures aren’t the people we see every day in class. The pictures hold an airbrushed model, a person who barely resembles our friends. Senior picture retouching goes too far when it does not truthfully represent students. By […]

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Staff Editorial: Sense of entitlement too present in current generation’s attitude

We are called the entitled generation; in other words, we are demanding and disrespectful, arrogant and spoiled. We are said to expect immediate reward for our skills in the workplace and classroom, while previous generations have persevered for years to reach their positions. A recent Boston Globe Article, “The New Me Generation” by Jake Halpern, even states that our generation refuses to […]

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