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Women's sports teams find the term 'Lady Comets' derogatory, unnecessary and outdated Kylie McCalmont | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell As the Always commercial proves, ‘Like a girl’ is not an insult. Although the Lady Comets isn’t the official name for Mason’s female athletics, many of Mason’s female athletes have gotten used to the title, even though [...]

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College un-prep


Responsibilities of independent living prove challenging for college-bound students Charlie MacKenzie | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell The ACT may not be the best predictor of college readiness. Hundreds of seniors leave Mason High School each year to attend college and live alone. Relying on your parents for 18 years and suddenly leaving home to live independently [...]

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Mixing beats


DJs fuse Indian, American music Juliana Discher | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell DJ Jeet and DJ-PJ have something new to bring to the table--turn table, that is. Being a disc jockey isn’t simply a hobby for juniors Jeet Srivastava and Paraj Arora; it’s a way to appreciate and explore their Indian culture. Both students DJ Indian, [...]

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Rare birds


Boy Scouts serve community through unique Eagle Scout projects Duncan MacKenzie | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell Soaring high is what Eagles are prepared to do. For over 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America has helped build the future leaders of our country, preaching the motto, “Be Prepared”. The most determined and persevering scouts make it [...]

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Snack satisfaction


Comfort foods used as coping mechanism Ashton Nichols | Staff Writer Graphic by Layout and Design Editor Gabrielle Stichweh Happiness is just four Oreos, a bowl of mac-n-cheese and a cheeseburger away. Many people find different ways to enjoy what they eat, either by having an emotional connection to it, or by the feelings they get from it, psychologist Jeffrey [...]

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Magic madness


Friday Night Magic tournament attracts avid card-game players Sonia Rayka | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell Friday Night Magic: No mortals allowed. Along with some of his friends, senior Riley Buchanan attends a weekly gathering held at Gameswap to play the card game Magic: The Gathering. According to Magic: The Gathering’s website, the player takes the role [...]

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Robo comp


Building robots provides real-world engineering for students Meghan Pottle | Staff Writer Photo contributed by Jay Zhao One small step--or roll--for robots, one giant leap for aspiring engineers. A program called FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) engages young people in mentor-based programs to help build their engineering and science skills. Middle school and high school students [...]

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Head start


Studio Internship offers design experience with real-world clients Madison Krell | Staff Writer Graphic by Design Internship students The Nike “Swoosh.” The McDonald’s curved, yellow “M.” The Apple minimalist fruit. All have become stamps of an industry--an effect Mason High School students are recreating through design internships. A new internship opportunity is available at Mason High School: the Studio Internship, [...]

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Digital footprint


Smartphone tracking device stalks users through locating services Kylie McCalmont | Staff Writer To try out this function on an iPhone, go to: Settings> Privacy> Location Services> System Services> Frequent Locations Siri is just like a best friend. She knows who you text, your favorite apps and songs and most importantly: every location you’ve visited in the past two months. Though the iPhone is increasing in popularity, many people, such [...]

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The sound of music


SoundCloud offers online audience for aspiring performers Matthew Marvar | Staff Writer Photo by Staff Writer Matthew Marvar Spotify, move over. Introducing: SoundCloud. An online platform that is growing in popularity, the site offers musicians an opportunity to share their music online and to network with other artists. This social media tool is used by 175 million people around the [...]

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Foreign exchange


Meghan Pottle | Staff Writer   Graphic by Photo Editor Madison Krell Foreign policy may be cheaper than you think. Many high school students have moved to the United States from foreign countries, forcing them to adjust to American education and lifestyle. These students now have the option to return to their native country or stay in the United States for college. Sophomore Emil Henningsen moved [...]

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Gaga for Google


MHS sacrifices privacy in switch from Microsoft to convenient Google technology Jessica Sommerville | Staff Writer Graphic by Layout and Design Editor Gabrielle Stichweh If sophomore Alexander Shearer logged on to Google Chrome at 5:56 pm on Monday, February 23rd — Google would know about it.   As Mason City Schools transitions to Google-based technology for its convenience and collaborative [...]

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Final call


Despite Twitter lobbying, superintendent bases school cancellations on facts Matthew Marvar | Staff Writer Superintendent Gail Kist-Kline consults data to make school cancellation decisions, not her own predictions. Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell, graphic by Layout and Design Editor Gabrielle Stichweh When the weather forecast predicts snow, Superintendent Gail Kist-Kline doesn’t do a snow dance, flush ice cubes down the toilet or [...]

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Roaring in the new year


Students celebrate Chinese culture with traditional lion dance Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer Watch students involved in Chinese Lion dancing practice their performance.Video by Abbey MarshallYou’re going to hear them roar. For most students, February consists of heart-shaped candies and roses, but some students like junior Andrew Zhan are celebrating their heritage in a traditional Chinese lion dance to ring in [...]

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NHS Talent Show proves to be continuously successful


Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer Click to watch snippets of each act. Video by Abbey Marshall The auditorium was filled with soulful voices, soft piano tunes, upbeat cultural dances and more on Friday, February 6. National Honor Society’s 2015 Talent Show gave 18 acts a unique opportunity to showcase their talents to the entire school, according to senior participant Sayali [...]

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Rite of passage


Juliana Discher | Staff Writer Photo contributed With great power comes great responsibility. Turning eighteen is a milestone that many seniors reach in high school. It’s the transition from being considered a rambunctious teenager to a legal adult. While some allow their eighteenth birthday to slip by like any other day, a few Mason students decided to celebrate in a [...]

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Spoken Word Poetry Club slams into spotlight


Ashton Nichols | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell The Spoken Word Poetry club has been making a slam at Mason High School. The New Voices Spoken Word Poetry Club is a club at MHS that focuses on the art of poetry. Each month, New Voices challenges students with a new topic to craft their poetry about. Senior [...]

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Next dimension


CAD class integrates 3D printing technology into coursework Matthew Marvar | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell Before the printer, there was just paper -- and that’s about it. Computer Aided Design is a class that works to draft parts on the computer to engineer them. Today, they’re able to take that drafted part and print it out. [...]

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