TV shows inspire student career choices

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Meghan Pottle | Staff Writer The next Meredith Grey or Olivia Pope could be roaming the halls of Mason High School right now. From crime scene investigations to dramatic surgeries, television shows are influencing young viewers to pursue specific career fields because of how they are portrayed on television. The popular medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy is known for its […]

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Virtual Reality Transforms how students work and play


Asia Porter | Staff Writer Consumers are escaping the real world thanks to new virtual reality technology. Virtual reality allows users to be transported into a virtual world by projecting imaginary surroundings around them, making them feel as if they’re in an alternate 360 degree world. Cave Automatic Virtual Environments (CAVE) Dr. Eric Hodgson explains how the CAVE works with […]

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Inside Edition: Comet Savings and Loan

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Isabel Marotta | Staff Writer Matthew Marvar | Staff Writer Holding over 650 accounts, Comet Savings & Loan is an enigma. A machine of many moving parts, but how does that machine work? Three components make up the bank – banking, marketing, and a relationship between CS&L and Fifth-Third. Below, you will see the breakdown of all three components. Marketing […]

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Area districts hope students benefit from later wake-up call

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Ashton Nichols | Staff Writer Sleep? There’s a nap for that. As sleep is commonly called “food for the brain”, reports that a lack of sleep limits a student’s ability to learn, listen, concentrate, and solve problems. Lack of sleep also makes teenagers and adults more prone to pimples and other skin problems. According to, sleep deprivation impacts […]

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Search for college roomates similar to online dating

Meghan Pottle | Staff Writer It’s the next eHarmony,, and OkCupid–it’s the search for a college roommate. Every year, incoming college freshmen have the choice to be randomly matched with a roommate or search for a roommate online on their own. The thought of being randomly assigned with a roommate scares some students, forcing them to go out on […]

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Teachers recall unique moments in classrooms

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Serina Cline | Staff Writer MHS teachers have witnessed countless unusual events in their classrooms. From promposals to tackling students, teachers are constantly being surprised. These most memorable moments have kept MHS staff on their toes and their days anything but boring. 1. Amy Ortega – Spanish Teacher “I’ve had drama, like couples, there had been love connections in class, I […]

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Teens take extreme measures to combat acne

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Abbey Marshall | Managing Editor Infographic by Visual Editor Madison Krell Acne is a teenage nightmare: an undesirable side effect of puberty. Students attempt to combat their oily skin in a variety of ways, but when all else fails, some are turning to cure it at its source. Accutane was an oral drug approved by the Federal Drug Administration in […]

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Students soon to rely on textbooks to learn about Holocaust


Duncan MacKenzie | Staff Writer Holocaust survivor Conrad Weiner talks about his experience to educate students. Photo by Madison Krell. 11 million. That is The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s estimated number of victims killed by the Nazi police’s population policies during World War II, known as the Holocaust. Some of those who survived this event live to tell the […]

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SIBS promote ‘No One Eats Alone’ campaign

Aleyka Raghavan | Staff Writer United we stand, divided we fall. This is the stance that Beyond Differences—a nationwide organization that empowers students to end social isolation—has taken with national ‘No One Eats Alone’ day. The daughter campaign is a student-led initiative that aims to put an end to lunch-time student isolation. According to Beyond Differences’ National Program Director Jenny […]

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Eos lip balm faces lawsuit debating customer safety

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Alyssa Brooks | Staff Writer Illustration by Visual Editor Madison Krell. Friend or foe: Eos lip balm edition. Recent lawsuits have been filed against the company Eos claiming that their lip balm hurts lips instead of helping them. The consumers had evidence of blistering and rashes after using the popular, egg-shaped chapstick. The company, known for their usage of all […]

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Ohio’s lack of sex education requirements prompts look into Mason’s health classes

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Matthew Marvar | Staff Writer Sex education is a touchy subject. As the controversy storms on between teaching comprehensive sex-ed and abstinence, Ohio schools are caught in the center. The Guttmacher Institute reported that the state of Ohio is required to teach sex and HIV education, however, it not mandated that these sex-ed classes be medically accurate, age appropriate, or […]

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