Modern-day pronoun use more complex than ‘he’ and ‘she’

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Jessica Sommerville | Online Editor That’s what (pronoun) said. In the case of the modern student, preferred gender pronouns are no longer exclusive to the “he” or “she” adopted from birth. The University of Tennessee published an internet guide to help navigate what may be preferred pronouns. According to Inside Higher Ed, the list juxtaposed “he” and “she,” with new […]

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No urinal dividers in men’s restroom causes unspoken etiquette

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Juliana Discher | Staff Writer Illustration by Visual Editor Madison Krell Together men stand, divided men urinate. There are unspoken rules of the restroom that most males understand and follow; eyes forward, no chit-chat, the middle urinal is no man’s land. At Mason High School, the lack of urinal dividers—metal or plastic sheets placed on the walls between urinals—have prompted […]

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Teenagers believe they are never too old to trick-or-treat


Duncan MacKenzie | Staff Writer Photo by Visual Editor Madison Krell Did someone say free candy? The decision to trick-or-treat can be a haunting one for students entering high school, but some seniors have continued to stuff their bags with sweets year after year. There are many factors in determining trick-or-treating capabilities in a given year, but perhaps the biggest […]

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Pills no match for body’s natural healing process


Lauren Lysko | Staff WriterPhoto by Visual Editor Madison Krell You can’t fit meditation in a medicine cabinet, but, according to sophomore Mary Kate Robey, it works just the same as pills. She practices the spiritual and diet method of Holistic medicine throughout their daily routine. This includes the physical body, spirit, emotions, and the mind. According to The Washington […]

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‘The apple falls far from the tree’ for modern students and their parents

Alyssa Brooks | Staff Writer The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree—or so they say. Culture and belief: they define people. Children typically adopt their parent’s views, but as cultures and beliefs modernize, so do child-to-parent similarities. In today’s society, many teenagers are determining their own path. In this sense, falling far from the tree. Cultural practices typically remain […]

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Honor code statement aims to discourage academic dishonesty

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Matthew Marvar | Staff Writer Illustration by Graphic Designer Jake Broekema  Here’s a system that’s a little harder to cheat. Introducing the honor code statement: in an effort to combat cheating on collaborative assignments, the chemistry department has initiated the use of the statement for students to express and to sign that the work on their paper is theirs and […]

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Video gaming has become popular spectator sport

Riot Games

Jonathan McCollough | Staff Writer Photo contributed by Riot Games Last August, over 11,000 people filled Madison Square Garden to the brim; not to see the Knicks play and not for a Taylor Swift concert, but to watch 10 people play a video game. Video games being played competitively by professionals, otherwise known as eSports, is a relatively new trend […]

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Sophomore Natasha Saputra performs piano at Carnegie Hall for the sixth time

Photo:  American ProtŽgŽ Winners Recital; recital photographed: Friday, July 3, 2015; 7:00 PM at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall; Photograph: © 2015 Richard Termine.
PHOTO CREDIT - Richard Termine

Asia Porter | Staff Writer Sophomore Natasha Saputra is a Mozart-in-the-making. Saputra stepped foot on the renowned stage of Carnegie Hall this July for her sixth appearance in her lifetime. Saputra has remained dedicated to the piano for 10 years and currently takes lessons at University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music (UC CCM) Prep. Saputra was in the fourth grade […]

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Feminism debate rages, fueled by ‘Meninist’ Twitter account

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Juliana Discher | Staff Writer Photo by Visual Editor Madison Krell “Meninism” and feminism: two concepts that sound similar, but each conjures up a starkly different set of opinions. The “Meninist” account on Twitter has flourished in popularity over the past year. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, it was originally started by men making jokes, but has become a […]

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Sophomores achieve YouTube success, create viral videos


Isabel Marotta | Staff Writer Graphic by Visual Editor Madison Krell. Sophomores Emma Smith and Lauren Bangs are Internet sensations. Some students earn their money working at Kings Island or fast food restaurants, but these students, commonly known as “Lauren and Emma” on YouTube, are making a profit by posting videos. The girls started their channel in seventh grade where […]

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Juvenile judges consider age when sentencing young offenders

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Ariel Jones | Staff Writer Illustration by Visual Editor Madison Krell Across the podium, the judge is just as anxious as the minor on trial. Juvenile court judges determine whether to incarcerate a minor or utilize non-incarceration options, which can include a verbal warning, a fine, counseling, community service, electronic monitoring, or probation. According to Warren County Juvenile Court Judge, […]

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Teens use new tactic to cut off relationships

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Jessica Sommerville | Online Editor Illustration by Visual Editor Madison Krell Ghostbusters are in demand at Mason High School, as haunted relationships end when student turns ghost. These undead practice “ghosting,” in which the ghosts of the relationship end all communication—text messages, phone calls, face-to-face conversations—in place of a traditional break up. According to a 2014 YouGov/Huffington Post poll, 11 […]

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Culture swap


Spanish, American exchange provides memorable experience Meghan Pottle | Staff Writer Photo contributed by Robin Hunsucker This year, approximately 45 Mason High School families are letting strangers sleep in their homes, eat their food, and teach them about their culture. Live ‘n Learn is a program where Spanish students have the opportunity to get a taste of American culture by […]

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Cyber stalking


Social media creeping has dangerous potential Juliana Discher | Staff Writer Stalking is all fun and games until you accidentally hit the ‘like’ button. There is a new image being associated with the term ‘stalker’ now-a-days. No longer is it a person in a trench coat, clutching binoculars, peering into your window, but rather a person huddled behind a phone […]

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How we measure up

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Standardized testing fails to represent skills unmeasurable on scantrons Sheila Raghavendran | Editor-in-Chief Gina Deaton | Online Editor Photos by Gina Deaton This year, approximately 1126 students took a total of about 2185 Advanced Placement exams at Mason High School. Their scores may reflect their knowledge of the subject, but these standardized tests are just a few of many that […]

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