Mountain movers


Long-time skiers take on steep slopes in competitions Kylie McCalmont | Staff Writer Photo contributed by Holly Stokely  The passion of Mason skiers is enough to move mountains. Senior Holly Stokely started her skiing career after her dad took her out when she was four. This trip eventually led to a third place ranking in the bronze division last year [...]

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Student athletes join no-cut sports for the spirit wear


Meghan Pottle | Staff Writer Some student athletes have sported the spirit wear -- but not necessarily the sport. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, and other spirit wear are ordered each year for every sports team at MHS. This year, The Comet Zone sold 679 items for cross country alone. Student athletes are constantly seen representing their team on game days and every [...]

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Strike a pose


Career in modeling not as glamorous as depicted on runway Arnav Damodhar | Staff Writer Looks may not be everything, but for these girls, it’s their career. As they walk down the runway with the lights flashing, girls like sophomore Hannah Pica prepare to launch their modeling career. Regardless of how it appears, modeling is a very difficult career path; [...]

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Second generation


Kids born in U.S. adapt parents' culture with American customs Kelly Noriega | Staff Writer Photo contributed by Priyanka Ram It’s out with the old and in with the new. Children born in the United States lose many of the elements of their culture that were introduced to their parents when they grew up in their home country, according to [...]

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MHS students find accidental, global fame


Duncan MacKenzie | Staff Writer Click to watch a news broadcast on Twitter fame.Sophomore Jack Groene’s viral video has exploded all over the internet, and to his dismay, the explosion resembles that of the glowstick on his “beautiful shirt”. Groene’s video has been viewed by over four million people around the world, and its views on Youtube continue to pile [...]

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Man behind the mic


Allen takes pride in role as morning voice of comet country Juliana Discher | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell Whether you tune them out or listen attentively, the morning announcements are an omnipresent part of our daily routine. Most students, however, are unaware of the man behind the mic. Thurman Allen, an English teacher at Mason High [...]

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Circus act

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.27.35 AM

Performers express themselves in unique setting at Cincinnati Circus Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer Click the videos above to watch the Cincinnati circus performers practice their acts. Step right up and witness the unbelievable! With juggling balls in hand and feet strapped firmly into stilts, students like senior Nikki Wood and Adolph Goetz are expressing themselves in the Cincinnati Circus. [...]

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Merry Xmas


Atheists participate in holiday festivities despite no religious affiliation Jessica Sommerville | Staff Writer Photo by Madison Krell Photo art by Gabrielle Stichweh Santa’s list doesn’t have fine print. Junior Andrew Rosin doesn’t believe in God, nor does he come from a Christian background--but his family has always celebrated Christmas, despite his Jewish upbringing and later atheism. “When I was [...]

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Hoopin’ it up


Hula hooping transforming into outlet for artistic expression Kelly Noriega | Staff Writer Watch a video of senior Sami Giesel expressing herself through hula hooping. Video by Kelly Noriega Just because you’ve hula hooped doesn’t mean you’ve really hooped. Hoop dancing is transforming a childhood pastime to a form of art, according to seniors Stephanie Garcia and Samantha Giesel. According [...]

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The finish line


Decision to quit not always percieved as failure Kylie McCalmont | Staff Writer Photo by Staff Writer Erin McElhenny Quitting isn’t giving up. After six hour practices nearly seven days a week for eight years, junior Allie Evans decided to take off her pointe shoes and breathe--without the suffocation that dance had around her life. According to Evans, by quitting her [...]

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The like generation


Users go to lengths to achieve social media fame Jessica Sommerville | Staff Writer Photo contributed by Umaize Savani Do it for the vine, tweet, Snapchat, Instagram pic, tumblr post -- Generation Like wants it all. On May 27, junior Umaize Savani tweeted, “100 rts and I’ll turn in this essay tomorrow.” A picture revealed his essay contained only a [...]

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Chess players strategize, battle for mental victory Ashton Nichols | Staff Writer Photo art by Gabrielle Stichweh and Maddie Drabek Checkmate this out: the Mason High School chess team might appear calm, cool and collected on the outside, but on the inside, they have the focus and fire to give it their all on the board. MHS has won the [...]

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Curtain raiser


Costume designer brings shows to life unnoticed behind drama club stage Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer Photo by Editor-in-Chief Sheila Raghavendran Behind all the bright lights, layers of makeup, and vibrant performances sits one woman and her needle. Judy Hershner, the costumer of nearly 14 years for the drama club, didn’t originally think she’d be constructing costumes for a high [...]

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Academic anxiety


Teachers bring perspective to high school stress Matthew Marvar | Staff Writer Photo by Matthew Marvar Advanced Placement Language and Composition teacher Lori Roth was a straight-A student in high school. But among all of those A’s, she broke her streak with Pre-Calculus during her junior year. She got a D. “It was really hard,” Roth said. “I don’t like [...]

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Picture perfect


Turning to friends for senior pictures for convenience, cost Erin McElhenny | Staff Writer Photo by Erin McElhenny When leaves start falling, cameras start clicking. A lot goes on behind the scenes of a senior’s three-and-half-by-five-centimeter yearbook picture. Through multiple outfit photo shoots, hundreds of dollars and social media self-promotion, the meaning of taking a senior picture has changed. According [...]

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Capture that


Exchange student records video to document stay in America Sonia Rayka | Staff Writer Photo contributed by Victor Domingo Senior Victor Domingo is a self-proclaimed memory hoarder. Exchange student from Barcelona, Spain, Domingo has been documenting his year in America through a GoPro he bought specifically for his trip. According to Domingo, his decision was based on wanting to share [...]

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