Juliana Discher | Staff Writer The week before the homecoming game and dance, Student Government sponsors a spirit week. The days were as follows: America Monday Twin Tuesday Urkel Wednesday Superhero Thursday Comet Spirit Friday Click on an image below to enlarge and view in slideshow mode...

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Rebecca McClung still haunting 101 E. Main Street Meghan Pottle | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell Ghostly rumors have been flying around the upstairs window of 101 E. Main Street since Rebecca McClung was murdered on April 12, 1901. Rebecca was 61 years old when she died and had lived in Mason her entire life. She married [...]

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Unspoken rules


Religion requires adherence to conservative cultural norms Madison Krell | Staff Writer Photo by Madison Krell The cold never bothered them anyway -- neither does the heat. Long sleeves, long pants, and a scarf covering most of the head. It’s the standard attire for Muslim girls, regardless of season or fashion trends. Even though clothing guidelines may not always agree [...]

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ALS awareness


Ice bucket challenge videos hit home for Mason families Kelly Noriega | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell The ice bucket challenge is melting hearts. As the ice bucket challenge circulates Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of media, some families are taking each challenge to heart, according to junior Annie Notton, who has lost two family members to [...]

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Ruled out


Poor outside choices force administration to levy in-school consequences Sheila Raghavendran | Editor-in-Chief Photo art by Photo Editor Madison Krell Red Solo cup, don’t fill me up, don’t have a party. According to Assistant Principal William Rice, students need to remember that their poor decisions outside of school can still result in administrators’ interference. “If we hear (students) are involved [...]

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Ready, set, GoPro


New high-resolution photography gadget captures action shots Juliana Discher | Staff Writer Photo contributed by Emily Knabe Thrill seekers be on alert: the GoPro camera is the next go-to gadget to chronicle your adventures. GoPros are small, lightweight, waterproof devices that deliver HD quality videos and pictures. They can be attached to a variety of mounts, depending on the purpose. [...]

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Peer pressure

ap classes

AP guilt affecting class enrollment Ashton Nichols | Staff Writer Photo by Gabrielle Stichweh AP: added pressure. Senior Allison Yan will have taken 13 Advanced Placement classes by the time she graduates, some of which she has been guilted into by friends. “I felt like if I didn’t take (AP Physics), I’d be a failure in that sense, like I’d [...]

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Stand back


Self-defense vital preparation for college Matthew Marvar | Staff Writer Photo by Matthew Marvar Although living in a neighborhood with a bad criminal reputation, Mason alumnus and University of Cincinnati freshman Shivank Singh feels secure. Singh agreed that the neighborhood isn’t a safe place. But the black-belt in Tae Kwon Do will not let the violence keep him away from [...]

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Lunch landfill


Mandated meal requirements taking a toll on cafeteria food waste Abbey Marshall | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell Students are biting off more than they can chew. According to a study conducted by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, around 24 percent of the total trash in schools comes from food waste. It’s the number one contributor. Food [...]

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Increase in sensitive allergies prohibits in-class snacking Erin McElhenny | Staff Writer Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell Hazmat suits may become the new school uniform at Mason High School. As the number of sensitive food allergies increases, snacking in class is a habit that is coming to a halting stop. With the introduction of the freshman class, there was [...]

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Backpack burden


Little time, more classes has students living out of bags Gina Deaton | Online Editor Pictured: Freshman Collin Aldrich Photo by Photo Editor Madison Krell I like big backpacks and I cannot lie. Every student at Mason High School has the basic right to a locker, but with less time between bells and an even heftier textbook load with seven [...]

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MHS Hot Spots: A freshman tour guide


Ariel Jones | Staff Writer New school, new classes, new faces. There’s a lot to take in as a freshman, but knowing the MHS hot spots might make the transition a little smoother. The Learning Commons Formerly known as the Media Center, the newly constructed Learning Commons are students’ preferred spot for studying in leisure. “My favorite place to go [...]

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college stereotypes

Seniors disregard college reputations by debunking stereotypes Katie Hibner | Staff Writer Photo by Madison Krell Seniors check a box to accept a spot at their future colleges -- then get boxed in by their schools’ stereotypes. Senior Katherine Carr said her peers questioned her decision to enroll at Miami University because of its preppy reputation. “I love Miami’s campus; [...]

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SENIOR SECTION: The campaigners


Future politicians develop platforms, gear up for elections Fernanda Hurtado | Staff Writer Photo and photo art by Gabrielle Stichweh Fast forward to the year 2032. Who’s on the presidential ballot? Possibly one of these soon-to-be Mason High School Alumni. Senior John Quinn is famous for arguing and joined Speech and Debate during his high school career to help push [...]

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Recommendation race


Pressure to begin locking in teacher letters starts before senior year Katie Hermann | Staff Writer Photo by Madison Krell Beat the clock. Beat the crowd. When it comes to applying for college, junior Bluyé DeMessie is aware that he is not the only student applying, and definitely not the only one asking for recommendations. “There are so many students [...]

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Artists draw sketches of future, paint hopes Taylor Telford | Associate Editor Photo by Taylor Telford Mason High School houses its own group of Picassos, Monets and Van Goghs. According to AP Studio Art and Drawing teacher Beth Eline, the graduating class of 2014 can be characterized by their incredible talent and spectacular contributions to the visual arts community. “We [...]

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Humanitarians out to make the world a better place Katie Rojas | Staff Writer Photo by Madison Krell With great numbers come great expectations. And the Class of 2014 has lived up to every expectation when it comes to giving back. Senior Frankie Colon said that the Class of 2014 has shown its ability to find the drive to make [...]

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