Letters to the Editor – 2/11

Vick’s ownership of dog should be regulated
I believe that Michael Vick should be allowed to own his own dog under very strict circumstances. If he is to own one he must sign a contract that has many rules as to what is and isn’t allowed to do, as well as a fine line as to what the consequences would be if he was caught dog-fighting again. …Everyone deserves a second chance in my eyes, just don’t give that second chance in similar circumstances.
-Michael Celesti, freshman

Honoring athletes’ jerseys should be a rarity
Framing a jersey should not be an every year thing. An athlete that has the honor of framing their jersey should be a one of a kind athlete that you don’t see every day. This athlete should stand out and represent [his or her] school well. This is such a big honor because every single person that ever goes through…[the] high school will know who you were and look at you as an example.
-Adam Thomas, freshman

Revision of “Huckleberry Finn” is disrespectful
I think that it is a travesty that they are changing Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn.” I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish, but they are destroying an American classic. I don’t think we have the right to change an author’s work because of a word. …We don’t take that word out of rap songs, why out of a book? We have become so desensitized to that word. …We try to please everybody [so much] that we don’t think of what we are doing.
-Evan Zoutis, freshman

Red, Rhythm and Boom cancellation affects unity
Red, Rhythm and Boom has been something I have gone to almost every year for long as I can remember. It has become a tradition in my life and I am not the kind of person who lets go of traditions easily. Every year during the fireworks, I would sit with my family and it really felt…that we were one unified town.
-Kailey Schneider, freshman