Athletes to be exempt from physical education

Megan McCormack | Staff Writer

Mason City Schools’ Board of Education approved a new policy during the January 25 meeting that exempts certain students from earning physical education credit beginning in the 2011-2012 school year. Students who participate in interscholastic, school-sponsored, athletics, marching band or cheerleading will be allowed to graduate without taking physical education.

Mason High School Principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart said the details of the policy are not worked out completely.

“[The athletic department] still doesn’t know the logistics of [the physical education credit policy],” McCarty-Stewart said.

Currently, all students are required to have .5 credits, or two trimesters, of physical education to graduate. With this new policy, athletes who participate in one of the above-mentioned activities will be exempt from all physical education classes after the successful completion of two full seasons of their respective sport.

If a student is cut from or quits the team, that season does not count as a full season. Students choosing to waive their gym classes must participate in two full seasons of a sport; there is no partial credit.

Mix-and-match credits between the two options. No retrospective credit will be given for past sports seasons.