What you think: Physical education

How will the physical education exemption affect students next year?

Andrew Kenniston, sophomore
“Doing a sport…with all the preparation [and] all the conditioning and cardio is basically the same as [physical eduaction]. …[Sports] could be detracting from [physical education] itself, especially if you do multiple sports.”

Sarah Hibner, sophomore
“I think people…that can get out of [physical education] are going to be really happy that they don’t have to take [it] anymore.”

Maddy Baehre, sophomore
“It’ll just make [students] think that [physical education] class isn’t as…important; it’s just a filler. [Students will] have more space for other stuff [they] would rather do.”

Lahiru Wimalasena, junior
“The quality of the [phyiscal education] class might drop because usually…athletes are the ones who bring up the physical quality of that…class. …[Athletes] do well in those classes.”

Johnson Thomas, freshman
“I feel like [students will] treat [physical education] as more of a joke and, if they do take it, it would be just something like a slack-off class.”

Tori Blakeman, freshman
“[Physical education] was never very useful to [athletes], because if [they]’re in a sport, [phyiscal education is] more of a waste [of] time where [a student] could be practicing that sport or using that time to study.”