So this one time, at practice…

Athletes share weird sports injury stories…

Katelyn Cain | Staff Writer

When most athletes get injured, students hear stories about broken legs and arms, stress fractures and pulled muscles. And when they hear how these injuries happened, most of the time it’s usually the result of a bad fall. But for some athletes, the injuries they got and the way they got them are just plain weird.

Broken Collarbone
Seth Schwartz, senior
Sport: football

Although senior Seth Schwartz said he is “very devoted to Judaism,” he decided to skip services for Yom Kippur, a Jewish holiday, in order to play against Colerain in the biggest game of his freshman football season.

According to Schwartz, the day started with Jewish services and a P.F. Chang’s fortune cookie that read, “Today is a great day, and one of your greatest moments is soon to come,” and ended with Schwartz breaking his collarbone during the game.

“We had scored a touchdown and were going for two, and, as I was throwing, a kid came and hit me and I landed on my collarbone, which I later found out was broken,” Schwartz said.

Nick Whitmore, sophomore
Sport: cross country

Sophomore Nick Whitmore got a concussion — while running in a cross country race.

“I was running in a race and ran into a tree,” Whitmore said. “I couldn’t remember anything after that, like who I was or what my life was like. I couldn’t remember anything until 11 days afterward. After [that], I woke up and began realizing things like Cheerios don’t go on plates and common sense stuff like that.”

Whitmore said that he knows that getting a running concussion is no ordinary thing.

“I was on the Internet looking up things about concussions and [found that] it’s really weird to get a concussion from running, obviously, so it’s a really rare injury,” Whitmore said.

Dislocated Knee Cap
Erica Boden, sophomore
Sport: cross country

Sophomore cross country runner Erica Boden dislocated her knee cap during the 2009 season, leaving her out of running for seven months.

“It was July 27, 2009, and I had waffles for breakfast,” Boden said. “I was at cross country practice in the morning and it was raining. We were warming up before our run and we started to do karaoke, [a stretch similar to the grapevine]. Halfway we’re supposed to turn and do karaoke facing the other side, and as I was turning my right foot remained planted while the rest of my body turned…and I fell.”

According to Boden, she not only fell; she also dislocated her knee cap.

“I was lying on the ground and I tried to get up, but then I looked down and I saw that my knee cap was on the side of my leg,” Boden said. “Then I went to the hospital…and…they slid it back into place.”

Boden said that after it happened, the cross country team ran to her house for practice to see how she was doing.

“Three days after it happened, my whole cross country team ran to my house, which was awesome since I was a freshman,” Boden said. “They all stood in my yard and it made me feel really special.”

Eye Injury
Jake Roehm, junior
Sport: Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars is a time-honored tradition at Mason High School, filled with strategy, action, stealth and even injuries, according to junior Jake Roehm. During last year’s Nerf Wars, Roehm said he suffered an eye injury.

“During Nerf Wars, [my team] use[d] PVC pipes [instead of guns], and I was trying to tug [one] away from my friend,” Roehm said. “[But] then he let go of it, and it went straight into my eye. I had to get six stitches in my bottom eyelid and two on the top.”

Roehm said that getting injured during Nerf Wars is not something that he thinks happens often.

“Not many people get pipes shoved in their eyes, and not many people get injured playing Nerf Wars,” Roehm said.