The beginning of the end – Web Exclusive

How do you feel the mindset of seniors toward school changes with the onset of third trimester?

Janie Simonton | Staff Writer

Abby Osika, Senior
“I have no classes I need to graduate. …I literally come here all day and pretty much socialize. …Everything is so much more laidback and independent. But it’s also stressful because I have to get all my college stuff [done]. I thought I had senioritis my freshman and sophomore year[s], but you don’t even grasp how bad it gets until senior year.”

Charlotte Eads, Senior
“A lot of them become much more apathetic about the entire school deal. They feel that they’ve been accepted to colleges, so they don’t need to worry about grades or homework. Others try to maintain their energy and it works to varying degrees, depending on [the student].”

Stacey Merrill, Senior
“A lot of seniors are just ready to get out of here. They don’t care anymore. …Obviously, if you’re in an AP class and you’re slacking off, then your grades are going to suffer. And I think people feel like it’s third tri, and colleges aren’t going to see [their grades]…then they don’t care. …I think you need a good mixture [of enjoying senior year and challenging yourself].”

Casey Heim, Senior
“It’s a lot more relaxed. …Most of our class has early dismissal. …As long as you know that you have to get back to [doing work in college, I think it’s okay to slack off a bit.”

Gary Popplewell, Building Supervisor
“I think they’re very responsible and follow through with their assignments and finish with a bang.”

Antonio Shelton, Assistant Principal
“I think [seniors] get very anxious. They’re ready to go. A lot of them fill that they’ve fulfilled all their requirements, so they can do the minimum, but they get it done. …I think those who are still trying to push for that higher GPA, they are on the mark and they are pushing forward because they have a personal goal.”

Chay Ruby, Senior
“I just think immediately everyone gets way more mellow about everything. I knowing that you’re almost done with high school really affects your work ethic, at least for a lot of people I know. …You go from being an A/B student to an ‘okay with Cs’ student. I feel like it’s still a good atmosphere, though. Teachers get a lot friendlier, I think.”