Column: Seniors should relish last days of school before college

Janie Simonton | Staff Writer

“Ugh, I am so sick of Mason. Boring classes, nothing to do and I am so sick of this drama.”

“I totally know. I cannot wait to get out of this place!”

Hello, typical exchange between two seniors when they’ve got nothing better to talk about, which is most of the time. Okay, I guess I’m being kind of bitter.

Especially considering that I, Janie Simonton, am so excited to go to college.

I know it contradicts what I just said, but I’m just concerned that people are so enamored with looking forward to the future that they’re not savoring enough now to be able to look back later.

College does have a lot to offer — change of location, new people, no curfew, classes pertaining to individualized interests, gyms that don’t require memberships, food covered by a meal plan, abounding opportunities.

It seems it’s all anyone can talk about anymore, and that’s not a bad thing, but let’s go back to what I first alluded to. I fear we’re so consumed with looking ahead to the great things that lie in our wake that we abandon enjoying this perfect pinch of time we’re living in right now.

Think about it — we’re here, at the brink of the last few months we can share with practically the only people we’ve ever known. We’ve been accepted to college, the weather’s getting warm and our classes are lightening up. We’re living for that which everyone longs. These are the golden years. So why squander them? Why let our anxiousness to surge ahead, to conquer the next great obstacle of our lives consume us? We’ve got four years for that. Technically, we’ve got the rest or our lives for that.

So if you have a graduation countdown, make it a countdown because you’re so excited to have such a memorable experience with your friends at graduation, not because it signifies finally leaving Mason behind. We can grow up later.