What You Think: Eating habits

Will eating habits change because there are more Subways than McDonalds wordwide?

Christina Dulovich, sophomore
“People are…getting so mean…about the whole ‘lose weight, lose weight’ [trend]. I don’t think McDonalds is…going to go out of business…but I definitely think that places that have fresh green salads and [food like that]…are going to… become the next McDonalds.”

Taylor Spaeth, junior
“People still eat at McDonalds a lot. …They’re not going to change just because there [are] more Subways.”

PJ Greene, sophomore
“[The nation will] probably start eating healthier, because Subways [are] closer to them.”

Valerie Smith, freshman
“I think [having more Subways] will make people eat healthier because…maybe it will make people…realize that McDonalds is really gross.”

Tate Honaker, senior
“People are still going to enjoy McDonalds no matter if there are less of them [than Subway]. …More Subways [aren’t] going to change that.”

Jen Center, sophomore
“There will be a slight change [in how Americans eat], because Subway is known to be healthier, but it depends on what you buy. …We’ll probably end up a little bit [healthier].”