A letter from your 2011-2012 Editors

Hello all,

We’re Janica Kaneshiro and Julia Halpin, the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor of The Chronicle. We’re just here to say hello and welcome to a new year at MHS. As editors this year we’ll be pushing for eight great editions of The Chronicle to uphold our strong standing in the Mason community.  Journalism I, II and III students alike will be continually working towards great stories and interesting topics as our issues continue, and we hope to never let our student body down when it comes to covering everyone: seniors and freshman alike.

So what about our staff? This year is a predominately returning staff and we’ve worked over the summer to create a cohesive group, one that is ready to hit the ground running and churn out issues of the paper. Our trip over the summer to Indiana University as a staff was a success. We walked away with several awards and more importantly created a lasting bond between staff members to ensure the most effective printing of the paper to date.

We’re making a lot of changes here at The Chronicle this year between our format and our website, so be on the lookout for anything new that will be coming your way, and always feel free to submit feedback to the letters to the editor box outside the C106 door, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook and give us feedback that way.

Without the student body, we would have nothing to write about so, thanks Mason High School for always keeping it interesting.

Janica Kaneshiro and Julia Halpin