Letters to the Editor 3/15

Dear Editor,

I think for Mason City Schools the 2014-2015 year will be the year of big change and the year of new opportunities for both the students and the teachers with the change from trimesters to semesters. I believe that moving from trimesters to semesters is one of the best things the school could do for everyone, teachers included.

When we make the change to semesters students will get a longer over all period of time to work with teachers and learn the material in that specific class. At the same time teachers receive more time to geth to know students and the ways that each individual best learns. Teachers and students usually have twelve weeks to teach or comprehend the information in that course. But with moving to semesters they have half a school year verse the previous one third.

Transitioning to semesters is the best for not just students but the teachers as well. Kids get more time to learn and classes aren’t so rushed. Whereas teachers get more time to teach their subject and more time to know the individuals participating in their classroom. So this big move is what’s best for all people in Mason City Schools.

Sara Higby, freshman

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article “Fully Loaded.” I believe that Dobson, got it right when he says, “the bad guys will still probably get them…does that stop Aurora, Colorado, does that stop the Sandy Hook?” My opinion is guns should be locked in a safe with the bullets somewhere else. I also think that you should not be able to buy a gun without having to buy a safe with it. If passed, it could cost up to 550 million cost tax payers more money and exceed already established budgets. I personally think that the gun tracking system is a good idea, but I don’t think you should have a limit on how much ammo you have and you can buy. It is unconstitutional it goes against everything we stand for in America. The laws are placed against law abiding citizens, not just those who use guns as a means of killing.

Jeremiah Knoop, freshman