Castner’s Comments: 9/2

Brian Castner, Mason varsity football Head Coach, comments on the Comet loss against Lancaster on September 2.

“We let a really good team hang around and we get up two scores and we let them hang around. When you let a team of that caliber hang around they are going to take advantage of our miss[ed] cues and that is exactly what they did and, on top of it, they got momentum going into the second half after a touchdown; we didn’t have an answer for them.

We need to tackle better, go back to the fundamentals of our defense that was there last year. We are far from it. Until we figure how to tackle, it is no a scheme issue, we are not tackling. There are a lot of missed tackles…We did a great job of two-man offense. We knew we had no timeouts and we felt like we are going to put the ball in our best player’s hands and see if they want to make a play.

The turning point was we are up 28-14 and we didn’t put both hands on the throat and say ‘Hey, this is our game at home.’ We didn’t do it. We let a team who traveled two hours come in and take something away from us. Tomorrow morning the sun will come up and we will go back to the video and find out stuff that we need to get better at.”