What you think: 9/30

Now that we’ve been through A.L.I.C.E. training, what would be your plan of action?“Depending on what class I had, I would probably throw my binder or textbook at [the shooter] and try to get him down on the ground. Then, [I would] run out of the room.”
Sarah Jane Sambor, freshman

“If the shooter was in the room, I’d probably hide in the corner. If the shooter was in the hallway…I’d probably try to remain calm…[and] get out.”
Marti Sumrall, junior

 “I would probably throw my text book, and then jump our the window.”
Jimmy Slyby, sophomore

“I would barricade the door…I guess try to stop the shooter with a textbook.”
Amir Karaman, freshman

“In a real situation…I’d be the first one to leave. I’d start running and I’d hope that everyone was okay.”
Khara Walker, senior

“If a shooter did enter…my first response would be to tackle the attacker…because if you run away, you’re just going to leave someone else in danger.”
Cyrus Yang, senior