Despite a career-halting scandal, Michael Vick is back in the NFL; a rich and changed man…

James Nosek | Staff Writer

You got to love a good scandal.

Tiger Woods anybody? Nobody wants to hear about winning championships or breaking records, we want sex scandals, arrests and murders.

But the true story that comes out of a scandal is the aftermath. With Michael Vick signing his six year, 100 million dollar contract in early September, it helps to put his life in perspective. Here is a guy who four years ago was in a Kansas jail house for close to 548 days after he was charged with dog fighting.

And despite Vick breaking his right hand against the Giants last Sunday, the story behind his return is very heartwarming and inspirational, of course without the killing of innocent pit bulls. His charity work this offseason, including donating a million dollars to the Animal Hospital Foundation of America, has been the force behind his positive return into the public’s eye.

For the 2011 season he even told the Philadelphia Daily News that he will donate five bags of dog food to local animal shelters every time he is tackled. Being Michael Vick that might not happen, because he’s like tackling a pit bull, no pun intended, but it is a bold statement.

When I heard about his community work, I was put off for a second, “Mick Vick, help- ing the community?” Because when I think of

Vick, there are three incidents that come to mind: the marijuana bottle incident in the airport, when he gave the bird to his own fans at the Georgia Dome and his dog fighting incident.

The “new-improved” Vick is something we are still getting used to, but he wants to turn- around his life, no question about it.

It’s cliché to say, but everybody deserves a second chance; like the Blind Melon lyric, “When life is hard, you have to change,” and I think Michael Dwayne Vick has done that.