Mason tennis hosts Coaches Classic tournament

Matt Marvar | Staff Writer

The Coaches Classic tournament served to be quite the game changer for Mason’s boys tennis team.

39 teams and a total of 259 players participated in the tournament on Saturday morning, including the Sycamore Aviators, one of Mason tennis’s biggest rivals. According to Mason’s head coach Linda Kirtley, this tournament is crucial to her team’s future success.

“This is an important match because we have GMC’s coming up in a week and Sycamore is in the same  league as Mason,” Kirtley said. “So both teams and coaches get to see how [each other are] playing — because players do change over the season. They can get stronger, or maybe find their weak points.”

Not only is the tournament crucial for the team’s success, but it will also change the lineup, according to  Kirtley.

“It’ll make a different in seating and also mentally how we’re going to do in the GMC’s,” Kirtley said.

Kirtley said that she and her team have their eyes on the prize.

“We want to be in the final four to go to the state’s team tournament,” Kirtley said. “[Also], we need to win the tournament so that we can be champions for the GMC’s.”

According to Kirtley, Mason’s boys played well at the tournament overall.

“We have been doing great,” Kirtley said. “We have four teams in the finals, and our singles came in third.”

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Photos by Matt Marvar