Student Government class officer candidates

Sophomore, junior, and senior class officer elections are currently being held on Naviance. See below to learn a little more about the candidates before casting your votes.


Connor McCormick


Hi, my name is Connor McCormick, and I am running to be your Senior Class President for the class of 2015. I have been an active part of student government at Mason High School since my freshman year and was Junior Class President this year. My personal motto is: GD2GB… It’s a Great Day 2 Get Better. This motto motivates me to get better at whatever I am doing. It’s my approach to every day. I think Stugo provides a great opportunity for all students to be a part of Mason High School and take an active role.  My record stands for itself that I will be where ever I am needed and will work hard. My actions have demonstrated that during the last three years in high school and in Stugo. John Quincy Adams once said “If your actions inspire people to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” It takes each and every person to make our class something special and I would like to be your senior class leader as we approach our final year together. Vote Connor McCormick for Senior Class President.

Cassidy Peebles

cassidyHello all!

My name is Cassidy Peebles and I would love to be your Senior class officer for the 2014/2015 year- a year that is supposed to be one of the best of our lives.

I have been a part of Stugo all through High School (service committee woot woot) and have been the head of Kids Count for the past two years, planing and organizing arguably the largest responsibility that Stugo takes on. I have a passion for this charity and the good that it brings. I want to expand my reach to other organizations and charities like this. Logically the next step would to become a class officer where I have more power and potential to do so!

But what I want isn’t as important as what you all want. How would you want me to represent you? I would strive to truly be the people’s politician 🙂

As a class, we have the potential to craft our senior year into whatever legacy we want to leave. Let me be the one to help guide our way as we move into the next stage of our lives and make our final mark on this High School.

Sonia Rayka


When I entered the Harvard room the summer of 2011 for the first CBM I would ever attend, I was a measly freshman with all too crooked teeth and an affinity for being particularly average–at least, that’s what I thought. I doubted my ability to contribute anything worthwhile, to make a difference, to escape my comfort zone.

After a few meetings, however, I came to the realization that all of that was completely and utterly wrong.

We’ve all been the awkward kid in the bunch before, or maybe we’re still trying to grow out of it. If I were to be your senior class officer, I would make it my goal to see that all Student Government members feel at home like I so often do. It’s only until everyone feels a part of something bigger than themselves that we can truly excel as a senior class. All it takes is one person to change it, with everything I’ve learned the past three years, I’m more than prepared to be that person.

So–this is it, juniors. Here we are, painfully close to the end of this chapter. Now, let me have a hand in writing the perfect ending.


Natalie Peebles


Hi, my name is Natalie Peebles! I’m currently involved in track, student government and marching band. Outside of school, my favorite things to do are spend time with my friends, family, and be at church. Being in all of these very different groups I’ve realized why I want to be a class officer. I have a passion to help people. I love making new friends and taking this leadership opportunity would be a new way for me to reach more people. I am dedicated to student government and would love to become even more involved. Communication is key to this role but I can do this knowing I have created so many lasting friendships from joining this program and I have the leadership skills to achieve success. Being involved in so many different activities, I can make a positive impact on our school with these new perspectives taken into account. I can relate to many different groups of people and will do my best to make next year as wonderful as possible for everyone! Please consider voting Nat Peebs for prez!

Jeet Shah


Alright guys and girls I’m ready to step up to the plate this year to accept the challenge of being a class officer. I am currently a member of the Mason High School Tennis Team and enjoy watching and umpiring baseball in my past time. I hope to be a youth baseball coach within the next couple of years. Many people refer to me as outgoing and very well informed about my surroundings. Throughout my many years in team sports and after being in various clubs and activities this year, I have developed excellent communication and leadership skills that would make me the right one for the job of class officer. Time for us to raise the standards for next year!

Sonya Kapoor


I’ve been involved with Student Government in the High School and Middle School for three years now, and in the past three years I’ve grown to become very passionate about this organization. This years, because of my hard work and dedication to StuGo, I was able to attend an international conference for student councils around the world, which taught me a lot about what it means to be a leader and how to become a better leader. Along with this conference, I have been a part of the Ohio Association of Student Councils for the past three years, and have attended many of their conferences to continue growing and developing my leadership skills. I want to be a class officer because I love being a part of Student Government, and I’d love a chance to get more involved so that I can make more contributions to this amazing organization. If elected, I’d be interested in collaborating with other clubs and organizations in our school, and hopefully make the student body more aware of what’s going on in StuGo throughout the year, instead of you all knowing what StuGo is for three days while we’re running and then forget about our club and our class officers for the rest of the year.

Alec Sucaldito


Hi fellow sophomores!  My name is Alec Sucaldito and I am one of your candidates for Junior Class President. If you don’t know me, here’s an opportunity to do so. I am very involved in Student Government as well as my other extracurricular activities such as Spanish National Honors Society.  Over this past year I have heavily become involved with StuGo and have truly come to enjoy it. This love that I have developed for StuGo has inspired me to take on leadership positions such as chairing StuGo fun day and now running for class president.  It is over this time that I have learned that being a leader is most about creating connections with others and inspiring them to be the best they can be. As a very open and gregarious individual I offer this ability to be a leader of our junior class by arousing an ambition and desire to unearth the greatness that I truly believe lies within each and every one of us. So elect me as your class president, allow our class to be as incredibly astonishing as I perceive we can be!

Andrew Zhan


Hey, my name Andrew Zhan and I am currently your sophomore class vice president.  During my freshman I joined student government, and throughout these past 2 years I have gained more than I could have imagined from it. I have come to learn the ins and outs of the student government and its events.  During this year I helped coordinate staff appreciation gifts as well as chair the Seroogy Bar Fundraiser. As a member of student government, I am part of the Fundraiser committee, but I try to attend meetings from other committees in order to really understand all the events that this organization has to offer. As class officer I will make it a goal to listen to all voices and opinions of those around me and also to get to know you guys.

Umaize Savani


Hey, hello there it’s Umaize Savani. If you don’t know me too well here’s something that could help. I am an avid reader and writer. Basketball is my favorite sport since I am somewhat decent at it. I love chemistry besides the fact that it’s difficult. I want to be a class officer because I was not that involved my freshman year, and I want to change that by running. If I am elected I am going to bring the best Ideas to the table like switching up the homecoming themes to more futuristic and interactive themes. I am also very hard working when I am involved, I will be an Umaizing Class Officer 🙂


Tori Berry



Find your passion. Do what you love. It’s what we’ve been told since we were young.

I’ve found my passion.

Jumping into StuGo this year was the best decision of my life. I served as Vice President for the Freshman class and learned more about being an effective leader. I will be willing to spend as much time as necessary to represent our class if you elect me. I love StuGo and I care about each and every member of our class. I want our class to go down in Mason history as being exceptionally kind.

As your class officer, I will listen.

As your class officer, I will care.

As your class officer, I will give it my all.

If you want to see an event happen that’s never happened before, I will do my very best to put it into action. I want to help those around me succeed. I will be dedicated to my position and I will give it 100%.

I love StuGo. I love the Class of 2017. I love leading.

Who is better for the job? After all, I am the Berry best.

Amanda Garvin


Hello Class of 2017! My name’s Amanda Garvin and this year I’ll be running for a Student Government class officer position. If you don’t already know me, you really must know that I enjoy anything involving the creative side of things, including sewing, piano, drawing, reading and anything else of that nature! I really think I will make a great officer for any of the positions. I’m friendly and try to reach out to everyone that needs a friend! I promise to make your experience at Mason High School the most comfortable, but exciting experience that you’ve had so far! Or at least I can try. I can try to make differences that will benefit you and everyone else at the High School. I really encourage you to give me a shot and I can try accommodating anything that your heart desires! You will definitely not regret voting for me and remember don’t be a dum-dum vote for Amanda! P.S. I will be handing out cupcakes and dum-dums tomorrow for all of the ninth graders that are willing to save a vote for me!

Juliana Discher


I’m Juliana Discher and I am a current freshman. I’ve been a dedicated leader and member of Student Government for the past year. Additionally, I play for a local soccer team and am a member of the Kindness Council. I believe that I’m an outstanding candidate for a class officer position.

In the 2013-2014 school year, I maintained a 100% attendance record for StuGo. I am the freshman Class Treasurer. I have a great deal of leadership experience, having attended five OASC leadership summits.

My qualifications include, but are not limited to, being a strong public speaker, having an organized and punctual manner, and being a trustworthy and decisive leader. I am passionate about all students, so I will take the time to learn who you are and be an attentive listener to your ideas for improvements to our school.

I want to be your class officer because I will represent all students with a strong voice in our leadership meetings, to our supervisors, and to our school administration. You can count on me to make speedy and creative decisions to make our school the best it can be.

Please vote for Juliana Discher, she is a real JEWEL!

Shirley Yang


Hi, I’m Shirley Yang. I’m running for Sophomore Class Officer for the 2014-15 school year. I would say I’m a fan girl for K-Pop, a bibliophile, an extremely outgoing and, personally, hilarious being whose hair is probably her most noticeable trait due to its length and unnatural-looking highlights. I’ve been in Student Council/Government for 3 years now, and I have to say it has changed me for a lifetime. In 8th grade, I was the President of StuCo, with 2 completely new advisors. This freshmen year, I was Class Secretary. Both of these have shown me what responsibility, hard-work, and patience reward you with. From leading class meetings as a leader to asking questions as a new executive member, I’ve learned to communicate with everyone from middle schoolers to seniors. Being a Class Officer has provided me with so many opportunities that I could not have experienced anywhere else, such as being able to talk to administration and my own 900000 other classmates, and making a difference in Mason. I am a leader that works with everyone, from getting up at 6 AM for Homecoming to staying until 4 for Seroogy counting. Remember, SURELY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR SHIRLEY.

Zack George


I am a committed member of student government. I also love taking my dog on walks and eating food. I’m pretty much a generic freshmen, but I want to be a class officer to show my leadership skills. Church is where I volunteer with a leadership position, so I have some prior experience. Although I’m not perfect, I strive to change our community for the better. I want to be a part of a change in our community and most of all I want to be a leader in that change. The bar is raised every day so that we are able to rise to the occasion. As a class officer, I will put forth a large worth ethic; but most importantly I will spread smiles throughout our school.

Amy Huang


Amy Huang. A normal, 15 year old girl with a passion. A passion to reach out to her fellow students and make a difference. Sure, she may not be the most popular, or the smartest, but she does have the diligence to strive even further.  Just a little background info, she’s played ice hockey for 6-7 years now. Played piano for 6 years, violin for 4. These are just some of the basics. She’s been in Student Council/Student Government for about 5 years now, and it’s been one of the main driving forces that have made her who she is today. Class officer is not a title, or a position. It’s a duty. A duty to accomplish something. A duty to create a better environment for your school. A duty to be a role model for others. This normal 15 year old girl wants to have that duty. She wants your voice to be heard. She wants to make Mason even better.  Think about how you want to reform this school. This school doesn’t thrive on the officers. It thrives on the students like you and me. Remember, you can’t go wrong if you vote for Huang!

Anamika Shah


Hi everyone! My name is Anamika, I love books, my favorite color is purple, and I prefer coffee over tea. Oh, and I’m running for sophomore class officer for 2014-15.

Now that you know 3 facts about me, I’ll tell you why I think I’m good for the job. As many of you already know, I’m VERY determined to reach my goals and I’m passionate about the things I truly love. StuGo is one of those things. Because of this passion, I’m willing to dedicate a lot of time and effort to our organization. While I have ideas to improve StuGo, I consider your ideas to be more important.  So even though I can’t promise Chipotle for lunch, I can promise to try to make your ideas into a reality. I also have concrete qualifications. I’ve been a part of Student Council since middle school, and I was secretary in 8th grade. I’ve attended 3 weeklong leadership workshops. Most recently, I was chosen to attend a leadership conference in Chicago. Now that you know a little about me, I would be honored if you elected me your class officer. However, its ultimately up to you to make it happen!

Kiran Boyinepally


Hello. My name is Kiran Boyinepally and I am a freshman (soon to be sophomore!) here at Mason High School. I would say that I am a person with a very erratic kind of personality.  Despite my wild characteristics, I would have to state that I am extremely involved and passionate about all the amazing events that take place in this school. I participate in numerous clubs and activities in the school: Speech & Debate Team, Science Fair, Student Government, and National History Day. This year, I am going to be running for a Class Officer position in StuGo for the 2014-2015 year. I would say that I am good candidate because I have great leadership potential, effective communication skills, and organization. I am running for an officer position in Student Government to gain satisfaction from helping out the community/school and to earn a significant level of pride. Also, running for a position can make me a better person in the future. If I become elected, I will make our school cleaner by organizing more recycling events and I will also lead effectively. If you want something done, Kiran Boyinepally is the ONE!!!

Sydney Braine


Though some are dissuaded by my appealing good looks, I encourage you to approach me (during a pre-scheduled meeting) & feel free to share your personal life (if it’s interesting). I’m really here for the students of MHS! (At least 97% of the time.) In all seriousness, I am committed to this program entirely. I live and breathe Student Government, and this position would be way more than a title to me. I’m qualified because I’ve attended seven OASC events (or leadership training seminars) was a committee chair in 8th grade, shadowed & helped plan 2013-2014 Banquet, was selected to travel with MHS StuGo to a National Conference in Chicago, and am generally charismatic. My hobbies include self-deprivation (and inflation), along with trying too hard (in general) and singly along (badly) to Frozen. Overall: Vote Braine – It’s the SMART decision. (Do you get it? It’s a pun off my last name ‘cause like “Braine” sounds like “brain.” LOL.)

Jasmine Bacchus


My name is Jasmine Bacchus, otherwise known as Jazzy, and I’d like to take on the responsibility of being your Class Officer.

10% Heart I’m a leader among my peers and invested in making next year great.

20% Skill I’ve been apart of StuGo/StuCo for 4 years, attended 6 OASC /2 MASC events, been invited to national leadership conferences, and represented Mason as the 2012 Christmas in Mason Duchess. As you may know, for the first half of this year I lived in Minnesota where I was elected Freshman Class Officer and lead 2 events. I’m organized, responsible, hard working, and was line leader in 1st grade so I’m sure that makes me qualified.

15% Relatable I want to be someone you can come to when you have a question or just want to talk.  Like many of you, I enjoy activities like breathing, sleeping, and wondering where Miley Cyrus went wrong.

5% Sarcasm Promised all year long J.

50% Dedication to the students. This is my main priority. Elected or not I’m committed to going above and beyond. It does not take a title, but determination of a person to make a difference.

100% Reason to remember my name