NoteOrious performs successful first showcase

Sonia Rayka | Staff Writer

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Mason High School’s a cappella group NoteOrious lit up the stage at their first showcase on November 20.

The group, comprised of 12 members, performed a plethora of songs ranging from classics such as The Foundations’ “Build Me Up Buttercup” to modern favorites like Ellie Goulding’s “Need Your Love” and “Stay” by Rihanna.

According to NoteOrious member and senior Caroline Corona, it was an exciting opportunity for the a cappella group to perform solo.

“All of the other concerts we perform at are with other choirs,” Corona said. “It was kind of fun to be the star of the show.”

NoteOrious director Debra Jones said that the showcase was a great way to get recognition for the members’ hard work and talent.

“We wanted to do the showcase because we wanted to be exposed,” Jones said. “We wanted to people know that Mason High School has an a cappella group and they’re awesome. We wanted to get ourselves out there and the showcase was the best way to do that.”

According to Jones, the a cappella group usually had more time through trimesters but now only meet until the end of the first semester. Because of this, Jones said that the switch to semesters motivated her even more to put together the NoteOrious showcase.

“(I knew I had) to make this happen because if we just performed for two concerts, we wouldn’t have learned as many songs as I wanted to learn and have as a big of an experience as I wanted them to have,” Jones said. “I’ve been researching how other schools do this and how the flow is going to go. We didn’t just want to stand up there and sing — we wanted it to be one big show which is why I’m calling it a showcase.”

Jones said that having only 12 members of NoteOrious has helped make the group bond as a family and get to know each other on a more personal level.

“I can tell you something individual about every person because there’s the time,” Jones said. “We can dive into stuff like ‘Okay, we’re singing the song Say Something. What does it mean to you?’ and we can all talk about it. It means twelve different things. It never means one thing. Being able to be individualized is great.”

Junior Allegra Delman said that she has always seen NoteOrious as a group of people to look up to in the choir.

“I sung in choir beforehand and always looked at NoteOrious as the role models,” Delman said. “I really wanted to be one of them one day and now I finally am.”

According to Jones, the advanced musical skills of each member has benefited the group as a whole.

“Often times I just say ‘Go learn (the music),” Jones said. “I might send them a recording, but they just go learn it so that’s been really neat experience to see them act as young adults and take ownership.”

According to Corona, being a member of NoteOrious has helped her come out of her shell and strengthen her presence on stage.

“I’ve seen myself really grow as a performer and a singer,” Corona said. “I used to be really shy on stage but now I’ve gotten so much more comfortable. “

Corona said that her involvement with NoteOrious has been the highlight of her high school career.

“It’s been my best experience of high school by far,” Corona said.  “The first time I tried out, I didn’t make it so trying out again was definitely worth it because I ended up making it and it was the best thing I ever did.”

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Photos by Sonia Rayka