The Catholic school experience in Cincinnati

Sam DeGroft | MBC News Reporter

sam dAt Mason High School, we are very aware of the Catholic schools in the Greater Cincinnati community. The Comets play Ursuline in volleyball and run against St. Xavier in cross country meets. Moeller looms as a presence in football, wrestling, and baseball. Mt. Notre Dame has always been a factor when it comes to girls basketball; however, its not just the competition from athletic teams that makes Catholic schools apparent to students at Mason High School. Not only do Mason athletic teams compete against these schools, but we all have classmates that have come and gone from Comet Country to experience a different kind of education that is provided at Catholic Schools like Ursuline, Mount Notre Dame, Moeller, and St. Xavier. Many Mason students choose to make the switch at the end of eighth grade and it isn’t uncommon to hear of students coming back to Mason High School after spending a year or two at a Catholic school. There are many who know exactly what is in store when they head to a private Catholic school and for many who have spent most of their time in a public school, the changes can be kind of drastic.

As a part of Mason’s media team, I was given an opportunity to interview students from St. Xavier and Mount Notre Dame. Through these interviews I was exposed to the many differences between going to a private Catholic school. The students I interviewed gave me real opinions, and real insight to what goes on during a typical day at an all boys or all girls high school; however, despite the differences, students at these schools appreciate and enjoy this type of education and couldn’t imagine high school any other way.