OPINION: Bigfoot or big hoax?

Madison Krell | Staff Writer

madison column

For some reason it is socially unacceptable to believe in unicorns and fairies, but it’s popular to believe in Bigfoot. What. Even though unicorns and fairies may involve magic, there is about the same real hardcore evidence that supports their ‘realness’. Which is none. There is no hardcore evidence to prove that Bigfoot isn’t a big hoax.

What is commonly believed about Bigfoot is that he lives on land — mostly in wooded areas — has the figure of a man, is extremely hairy and has large feet. Okay. So the fact that he lives on land extremely limits the possibilities of where this ‘Bigfoot’ could even live. It’s not like the ocean, where man has barely begun to scratch the surface of finding new creatures. Apparently Pennsylvania has a lot of people claiming to have seen Bigfoot. But they don’t have any proof. They could have just seen a hairy lady for all we know. And the pictures they manage to take are always so incredibly awful, either too grainy or blurry. People can take a perfectly clear picture of a hummingbird’s wing while flapping, and you’re telling me that someone can’t take a picture of bigfoot running away. I mean he’s supposedly huge, he can’t run faster than a hummingbird’s wing flapping. Pictures now a day aren’t even that reliable, the amount of Photoshopped images acting like ‘real pictures’ is crazy. So even if you do have a picture of Bigfoot, it’s Photoshopped or a even is a costume.

I don’t think Bigfoot is supposed to be immortal either. What I mean is that Bigfoot follows the same cycle of life we do, ending in death. So please tell me where all the dead Bigfoots are. Or would it be Bigfeet? Once you die you don’t just disappear. My driving instructor and I had a discussion about that, and he believes that dead Bigfeet are buried by other Bigfeet.There are a couple of flaws in the plan though. We live in an expanding world. We dig up forest all the time. If Bigfoot was really real, and is buried when dead by others of his kind, then we would have most likely found a body or bones from an unexplainably large mammal. The other thing wrong with the theory is that it assumes that the Bigfoot clan travels in a pack, making them even more likely to be found. And in every Bigfoot picture I have seen, the beast is by itself.

Last year, on the news they talked about the hunter who “found Bigfoot”, but the test done on the creature didn’t prove anything. In fact, the hunter had a reputation with fake Bigfoot findings. oh my god A few years back he tried to convince people that a rubber Bigfoot costume was truly the real Bigfoot.

I believe in a lot of things. I think aliens are out there roaming the stars. I think there could be a humanoid fish that could be considered a mermaid. The main problem with Bigfoot is where he roams. Aliens could be real because we haven’t had the technology to fully expand upon our search of the galaxies. Mermaids could exist because we have only explored five percent of the oceans. But humans have roamed the earth for a long time now. We have made our mark and have dug up and changed the land. Surely if there was a Bigfoot, with the amount of people looking for him, we would have found him already.