Schrock determined to honor Vietnam Veterans

Cullen Ecoffey | MBC News Reporter

photo (1)After almost all wars, soldiers are welcomed home with open arms being thanked for their service; the only exception has been Vietnam. Arguably the most controversial war in American history, the Vietnam War was largely unpopular and as a result, soldiers were brutally treated. Now, almost 40 years since the end of the Vietnam War, The Mason City Schools district is doing its part to honor its own fallen veterans.

During the week of November 3, Mason High School teacher Jerry Schrock and his homeroom took on the project of raising money to build a monument honoring former MHS students Martin Gruber and Ted Middleton. The drive has raised over $1,800 with ongoing contributions. However, a number can’t be placed on the impact the drive has had on the veterans themselves. We were fortunate enough to sit down with two very accomplished veterans to hear their opinions on the drive and how society has moved forward after Vietnam.

John Looker is a Vietnam veteran who served as a Combat Infantryman and has served as Commander of the Joe Barr American Legion Post 194 for six years. Looker shared some insight to how he views the flag drive and how it has affected him. Matthew Deathridge is an Iraq Veteran who became a double amputee after he stepped on an IED. Deathridge was able to share his thoughts on what veteran’s day means to him. The insight of these two veterans has been able to open up a new perspective on how veterans themselves feel about public appreciation to their service.