No LOVE for yoga pants

Controversy over yoga pants sparks debate over their place in schools…

Nicole Huser | Staff Writer

The popular trend of yoga pants and leggings among teenage girls has caused controversy due to the tightness of the pant, according to Robert Page, a World History teacher at Mason High School. According to WLWT Channel 5 News, Loveland High School’s administration has chosen to ban yoga pants due to the fact that they do not feel they are appropriate school attire. Mason Middle School has also chosen to limit the use of yoga pants and leggings in the school setting. Since leggings and yoga pants are form fitting, many teachers at not only Loveland but MHS as well find them to be inappropriate for school.

According to Page, leggings are acceptable as long as the shirt or dress worn over them meets the dress code length requirement.

“[On] the issue of leggings, I think if a dress is worn over top of them and the dress is the appropriate length, [leggings] are not a problem,” Page said. “If the dress is not appropriate, I see that as a dress code violation.”

According to a bulletin on the Mason Middle School Edline page, middle school girls are now faced with restrictions on their yoga pants and leggings. If girls at MMS wish to wear yoga pants or leggings, the “accompanying top needs to cover not only the waist but at least half of the rear end as well.” On top of these new rules, MMS girls are prohibited to wear pants with large writing such as PINK or Comets on the back.

According to Mindy McCarty-Stewart, rumors that MHS will be banning yoga pants next year are false. There are still teachers and students, however, that disagree with the trend.

According to Page, banning yoga pants and leggings should not be a huge issue for students.

“If [yoga pants] are banned, just don’t wear them,” Page said. “Wear sweatpants; they’re just as comfortable. I don’t think it’s that big of deal to have something like that banned.”

Junior Alex Underwood, who said she disapproves of yoga pants and leggings, does not consider them an acceptable form of pants.

“I don’t like [yoga pants and leggings] because I don’t really think leggings are pants, and yoga pants are pretty much leggings,” Underwood said. “When people wear them, they tend to buy the wrong size, so they’re just so unflattering.”

According to the MHS student handbook, yoga pants are not a violation of the dress code. However, some teachers feel they should be and react as if they were against the dress code. Junior Ashley Gruber, who wears yoga pants and leggings often, has been confronted before by a teacher that felt wearing leggings as pants were a violation of the dress code.

“Sophomore year I wore the legging [style of] yoga pants and a sweatshirt,” Gruber said. “I was walking in the hallways and a teacher grabbed me by my shoulder and brought me into the office. She told me that what I was wearing wasn’t appropriate for school, and she couldn’t believe that my mom let me leave the house in it.”

According to Gruber, Loveland High School is crossing the line in banning yoga pants.

“It’s going too far to say that you can’t wear yoga pants at all,” Gruber said. “I do understand why [Loveland High School] did it though because they can be tight and sometimes not appropriate.”

According to Gruber, banning yoga pants and leggings would be bad for students due to the price that yoga pants are.

“If Mason banned yoga pants, I’d be really mad,” Gruber said. “I own a lot of yoga pants and leggings. …They get expensive, so it’d be bad for me if I could only wear them on the weekends.”

Despite the fact that yoga pants are not seen as appropriate attire by many teachers, girls at MHS still continue to wear them because they have many pros, according to Gruber.

“I like to wear yoga pants because they’re comfortable, they’re easy to put on in the morning and I personally don’t like the feel of jeans,” Gruber said. “They aren’t that comfortable to me. Plus, they do look good. I mean, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t wear yoga pants because they looked good on you.”