Person of Interest: Maeve Morris

Freshman Maeve Morris said she is passionate about both fashion design and optometry, and the person who helps her most with fashion is her mother.

When did you start designing your own clothes?
“I guess around third grade, I asked my mom for a Christmas dress, and I drew a picture and she was able to make that for me, and one for my American Girl doll.”

What’s the fanciest, most elaborate thing you’ve designed?
“The most elaborate thing, I think it was the dress I made most recently. We had to do a lot of mixing of patterns to get it to fit right and to look the way I wanted.”

Is it a philosophy of yours not to regret anything?
“Yeah, I think things happen for a reason and [they] just make me a better person. So, maybe fashion mistakes I’ve made make me better today.”

Does your artistic ability help you in fashion design?
“Yeah, definitely. I’ve always liked drawing and painting—well, not really painting, but I like drawing and I’ve always liked art class. That’s always been my favorite class. That definitely helps.”

What do you want to pursue in life?
“I’d like to go into fashion, but I also want to be an eye doctor. I just find it really interesting.”

Which Harry Potter character do you identify with most?
“Hermione. The actress, Emma Watson, was who got me to cut my hair short.”

So are Hermione and Emma Watson role models for you?
“Yeah. I actually like a lot of Emma’s fashion, and that’s where I get a lot of inspiration.”

Compiled by Branden Labarowski