Freshmen week unites underclassmen

Isabel Marotta | MBC News Reporter

Be your best self.

During OGT week, freshmen at Mason High School participate in activities encouraging students to be their best selves. Through games, speakers, homerooms, and assemblies, this week was an opportunity for freshmen to grow and discover who they are.

Jeff Schlaeger, Sib Advisor, set up many activities for each morning of the week.

Schlaeger believes that this week is about connecting the Sibs and the freshmen.

Elise Discher, senior Sib, uses her role as a Sib to help improve Freshmen Week by thinking back on her experience as a freshman.

Discher hopes that the freshmen learned a few key pieces of advice over the week.

Freshmen Week is more than just coming to school earlier than the juniors and seniors. It is a time for the students to grow as a grade, and to hopefully set up a path to be successful for the rest of their high school career.

Check out some of the activities from this week.