Freshman introduces cricket club to MHS

Haley Dardis | MBC News Reporter

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Cricket is not like American football; however, families all across the United States share the Monday night tradition of huddling around their TVs in order to cheer on their favorite teams — similar traditions to the game of cricket.

At picnics that took place during his childhood, freshman Durga Mishra had the opportunity to play cricket with his family and friends. He said he immediately developed an interest in the sport. Mishra and his classmates then made the decision to form Mason High School’s first cricket club, and now 45 students are participating in this unique and enjoyable sport at MHS.

With Sycamore High School’s club growing as well, Mishra has reached out to others about constructing their own teams.

“I’m really happy with how (the club) has expanded off so far,” Mishra said. “We’re also involving other schools so we’ll be able to have tournaments, practice, and play games competitively.”