Eighth grader Sruthi Parthasarathi gets taste of high school in Honors Pre-Calculus

Serina Cline | Staff Writer

MBC Reporter Ellie Harpen interviews Parthasarathi and her classmates.

Eighth grader Sruthi Parthasarathi learns alongside juniors and seniors in Johnothon Sauer’s Honors Pre-Calculus class.

According to Parthasarathi, this high school class doesn’t feel much different from any other class she takes.

“It just feels like a normal classroom because you get to know everyone,” Parthasarathi said. “It’s really fun but kind of overwhelming the first day, but you get used to it, and everyone is really nice here.”

Sauer said he sees maturity in Parthasarathi that allows her to handle his class.

“So far she’s been fine because she doesn’t only have the mathematical maturity to handle it, she’s also got the social maturity to handle it,” Sauer said. “The juniors, most of the time, forget that she’s an eighth grader just because she’s not, for lack of better terms, acting like an eighth grader. She’s got the social maturity to go along with it.”

According to Sauer, Parthasarathi has been participating in the class and interacting with her peers like a typical high school student.

“The whole class is run through discussions, so it’s not like you can just sit back in the corner and take notes,” Sauer said. “It’s an active participation class, and she’s been absolutely fine both on the give and the take.”