Group of interest: Drawing for Fun Club

Meghan Pottle | Staff Writer

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Photo by Meghan Pottle.

Drawing never seemed so fun.

Junior Kay Strobel decided to start the Drawing for Fun Club because she realized she didn’t have enough time to draw on her own and she wanted to find people who love to draw, too.

“In the Drawing for Fun Club, we find ways to express ourselves through people doing their own self drawings or just doing whatever they want to draw,” Strobel said. “They bring it and express it through closed comments, through silent viewings, and presentations. Mostly, it is just where we all come together to draw in a more social environment that’s accepting.”

The Drawing for Fun Club started at the end of last year and is planning to have a lot more meetings this year, according to club advisor Megan Kappers.

“Usually each meeting consists of: you come in, we have some sort of demonstration where we show you either how to draw something or different facts about different styles,” Kappers said. “We have time where we can draw, using the knowledge that we learned, and we provide feedback for each other.”

The club meets twice a month and students do not need to have any drawing experience to join, Kappers said.

“There is no drawing experience needed,” Kappers said. “I’m terrible at drawing, so anyone is welcome to come in and we’re always welcoming new members.”

According to Strobel, she has formed a family with the other members of the Drawing for Fun Club.

“Here, I can find people who accept what I draw as who I am,” Strobel said. “We, together, since we all have that common bond of loving art and to draw, have formed a family in small group of friends, so we are always there for each other.”