Group of Interest: Women in Engineering

Serina Cline | Staff Writer


Photo by Serina Cline

Female students are hoping to make a difference in the field of engineering one club at a time. The club’s director and MHS parent, Angela Norman said that The Women In Engineering club wants to help identify students that are interested in subjects like math and science.

“This club is specifically designed for students that are interested in math, sciences, technology, and chemistry that aren’t aware of what a job in engineering can bring,” Norman said. “Many females don’t realize that they are gifted in math and science, so this club is hoping to expose them to career opportunities that they didn’t even know existed. “

Angela Norman said the club’s inspiration came from her daughter Ashley Norman who is a junior at Mason.

“My daughter had the opportunity to visit Virginia Tech University,” Angela said. “While she was there, she noticed that the field of engineering has a limited amount of females in it. They were specifically catering to women in engineering and stressed how important it was to reach out to women in the community.”

Ashley Norman said she wanted to introduce the women of Mason to engineering while also building a sense of community.

“I’m trying to get more women involved in stem-based career paths because they don’t know what there is to do with the science and the math,” Ashley said.  “I wanted to start a club up here to help find that sense of community in Mason of women that are looking into engineering.”

Ashley Norman said that this club offers many opportunities with big companies like General Electric.

“GE actually reached out to us and wanted to partner with us,” Ashley said. “We have women engineers from GE come in and talk to us.”

The club also plans on introducing the younger generation to the STEM categories (science, technology, engineering and mathematical) programs that will help further their engineering careers.

“One goal was to create STEM programs in the elementary schools,” Angela said. “We will reach out to Western Row and partner with their second and third graders to start doing little projects with them after school.”

Angela said that she would love to see the club continue to grow and benefit the students of Mason.

I’d love to see the club grow like organizations such as student government or National Honors Society,” Angela said. “There are a lot of students at Mason that can benefit. The next meeting is November 17.”