Theophilus North appeals to high schoolers, sells out on opening night

Juliana Discher | Staff Writer


Photograph contributed by Lance Moody

Finding your place in life–a battle that Theophilus North and most high school students face.

Theophilus North is a play adapted from a 1973 autobiographical novel by Thornton Wilder. Main director Allen Young said the underlying themes in it are very applicable to high school students.

“It ties in really well with where kids are at this point in their lives,” Young said. “Theophilus North is supposed to be a writer, but he doesn’t want that. He wants to live life, not just observe it.”

Sophomore and lead actor Matt Berman said it tells the tale of a man struggling to find himself.

“I play Theophilus North, and he is a teacher in New Jersey who quits his job,” Berman said. “He buys a really old car and gets as far as about Newport, Rhode Island and starts having adventures there.”

Senior student director and actor Anthony Rought said the play has come a long way.

“I’ve had to attend every rehearsal and seeing how it’s come together from the very beginning to how performances are laid out is really cool,” Rought said. “”The progress is amazing.”

Berman said his favorite scene as Theophilus involves some kooky antics.

“Collin Aldrich, another sophomore, and I do a scene entirely in French,” Berman said. “It’s a bit nerve wracking because neither of us knew French, so we had to learn. It’s very big in the acting and very fun.”

Rought said he has high expectations for the performances this coming weekend.

“I expect us to sell out because we sold out on opening night,” Rought said. “Last weekend was amazing. During our matinee, the Cappies group came in, which is the high school review group, and they really enjoyed the play.”

Theophilus North has a lot to offer emotionally for viewers, Rought said, which is why people should come see it.

“Tickets are $8 for students and seniors and $10 for adults,” Rought said. “I think people should come see this play because it’s really well written, and the themes in it are very pointed and relatable. The themes are: isolation, societal pressures, getting help when it is not asked for, and going off and finding your own adventure.”

Theophilus North is two hours of entertainment worth seeing, Young said.

“When you go, there are a couple things you’re going to take away,” Young said. “It’s very funny and witty. The characters are intriguing and interesting, and you can get wrapped up in them. Everyone who comes out is going to really enjoy their evening.”