Group of interest: DIY Club

Erin McElhenny | Staff Writer

The D.I.Y. club is new this year. Started by senior Gaby Medina, this club focuses on bringing together students who have a joint passion for crafts.

“I started this club to make friends,” Medina said. “Also to build relationships with people I never knew before. All the people are so nice…it’s great when people invite their friends. It’s very small, but we are very close.”

Lauren Johnson, a senior member of the club, said she joined because she wanted to make new bonds with people she never thought she could be friends with.

“I like making things and learning different techniques that I can carry with me to college and on,” Johnson said. “It also helps with working as a group. We all come up with ideas and from those pick who wants to do what. It’s taking everyone’s opinion into consideration.”

The group has already made snow globes and arm knitted scarves, but they already have crafts in mind for the future.

“In the future, we want to make dream catchers and do some tie-dyeing,” Medina said. “Some of the stuff we do is season orientated. So we have to wait for the spring to tie-dye, but we know it’s something we want to do.”

One goal of this club is to help people become more open to new situations.

“Some people work on their own,” Johnson said. “We really want to make people work together, and when joining a group, you should be open to new things. That’s what we are really trying to do in this club.”

Medina said she has some high hopes for the future of the club.

“I hope we continue to grow, maybe even adding some boys,” Medina said. “We really just want to make it even more fun.”