New mall provides teen employment opportunities

Abbey Marshall | Managing Editor


Photo by Abbey Marshall

Liberty and jobs for all.

The Liberty Center  in West Chester offers jobs for students in retail that had been scarce prior to the grand opening on October 22. According to junior American Eagle employee Tori Berry, the Liberty Center allowed her to get hired in a field that she has always admired, yet couldn’t work in previously due to distance from other shopping centers.

“I’ve always wanted to work in retail from the time I was little,” Berry said. “I love fashion, being exposed to different styles, and interacting with people. There weren’t many opportunities to work in retail before Liberty Center opened up, unless you wanted to drive down to Kenwood. So when I heard the new mall was opening, I was so excited that I would finally have the chance to work somewhere like that.”

Senior Julia Salunek transferred from the Kenwood Towne Center Hollister to Liberty Center. Salunek said the change has been a lot more convenient for her commute.

“I wanted to find a job in retail and I got offered a job at the Kenwood Hollister,” Salunek said. “They transferred me to the new mall. It’s a lot more convenient because it’s not as far and there’s not as much traffic. It’s easily accessible.”

In addition to retail, the Liberty Center offers diverse jobs for students seeking employment, said Berry.

“The mall has definitely provided more job opportunities,” Berry said. “It’s a thriving place with everything from retail stores, to tea and coffee shops, to food establishments. I would definitely encourage more teens to seek out jobs here because there are so many cool places to work.”

The Liberty Center’s contemporary ambience is appealing to the younger generation and the jobs offered there, Berry said.

“There are tons of places to hang out at the new mall,” Berry said. “The movie theater is amazing, the food is great, and the stores are popular among our generation. Overall, the mall just has a really modern, energetic atmosphere. I’ve already seen a ton of teens and their friends hanging out there.”

Liberty Center public relations representative Jackie Reau said she encourages students to take advantage of the opportunities and there’s more to come.

“As more restaurants and retail outlets open over the next few weeks, more jobs will need to be filled, and many will offer great experience for high school students,” Reau said.

Berry said she’s thankful for all the new opportunities that the Liberty Center has opened up so close to home.

“We are extremely blessed to have this addition to our local community,” Berry said. “When you’re at the new mall, you feel like you’re shopping in a city. It’s such a cool experience.”