Staff Editorial – 12/11

‘Age of Caution’ finally ushered in following terrorist attacks

Usher in the ‘Age of Caution’  with narrowed eyes, as they’re full of skepticism.

Refugees knock at our borders, and after Paris, we fear copycats in their midst.

Governors of 31 states, including Ohio’s John Kasich, oppose President Obama’s plan to accept 10,000 more Syrian refugees, but true Americana turns its looking glass not to GOP debates but the innards of the nation that raised it.

The Paris attackers were not refugees: they were French and Belgian born, reared in the nations they would grow to target.

We narrow in on our new threat: homegrown terrorism, masked by the masses.

It’s been here for years now, but Friday, November 13 awakened us to more than landmarks.

ISIS targeted a rock concert: an expression of the human experience via profanity and shredded guitars in one of the West’s cultural icons, a favorite of tourists and academics since its creation. An American band, Eagles of Death Metal, performed onstage, in a scene too similar to any of our Saturday nights. It could have been us.

We narrow our eyes further.

We allow the bag checks at Paul Brown Stadium, the more-than-cursory scans of our online activity. This is the Age of Caution, and these securities, nonexistent only decades before, pause our anxiety while the richest international terrorist organization waits, patiently.

Endlessly patient, endlessly funded, ISIS even honors battlefield deaths that many soldiers fear. To them, a greater life awaits, where they will be rewarded for their services to an Islamic State.

And yet as France targets Raqqa and Russia deploys S-400 missiles, the nations amplify U.S. airstrikes in retaliation for Paris and a downed plane.

Usher in the ‘Age of Caution’: enter tired, but persistent.

We may not lose to ISIS, but we’ll lose our widened eyes, as the ‘Age of Caution’ has left naivety in the past.