OPINION: Keep the Bowl Game tradition alive

Eric Miller | Online Sports Editor


The College football playoff has brought clarity to the carnivorous landscape that is college football.

No longer does a computer system decide who plays for a national championship. Instead a panel of “experts” pick the four teams that will battle for college football’s most sought after prize.

While the current four team playoff model has brought an unbridled wave of excitement to college football’s already pivotal regular season, some fans want to see an eight or even 16 team playoff.

They want to be rid of bowl games and see a full out March-Madness-style bracket competition. But what would become of the Orange, Sugar and Fiesta Bowls?

That’s exactly it. These games that have been steeped in tradition for the past 70 plus years would be abruptly eliminated. There’s something to be said for the tradition of sitting down on New Year’s day and watching a Big 10 and Pac 12 team duke it out in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl.

The Rose Bowl has been one of the most celebrated football games in America for over 100 years. The Cotton and Sugar Bowls have been New Year’s traditions for a generation. How drastic is the public willing to change the landscape of college football to get what they what?

The College Football Playoff has taken center stage, as it should and yes, bowl games don’t mean as much as they once did. But tell me you wouldn’t get excited to step into the Rose Bowl and strap it up on New Year’s day for the Rose Bowl title. There’s something to be said for tradition and in this case, keeping bowl games afloat.