Group of Interest: Yoga Club

Lauren Lysko | Staff Writer

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Photo by Staff Writer Asia Porter.

Namaste, Comet Country.

Yoga club is a new group at Mason High School that practices the arts of meditation and relaxation to help relieve stress and testing anxiety. Yoga is low impact activity for people of all ages. The club increases flexibility and teaches exercises to help strengthen your core. Members meet in the dance room every other Monday.

Club leader junior Nealofar Madani said she decided to create Yoga club to find an escape from all of the worries of high school.

“I started Yoga club because the stress of all the AP and honors classes and the stress that high school puts on you,” Madani said. “I just thought it was a really healthy and great outlet to relieve all the stress and provide a great and positive environment for classmates.”

Through the club, Madani has reaped the benefits of doing yoga and said she advocates for more students to go to Yoga club to be more alert and confident throughout the day.

“At the end of every yoga session you feel so relaxed and more focused,” Madani said.”You feel like you are ready to take on the rest of the day.”

The skills taught in Yoga club are not forgotten once members leave the dance room. Madani said there are many things that are taught in the club that are applicable to everyday life.

“Something yoga members like to do outside the studio is just to remember to keep taking those deep breaths throughout your day,” Madani said. “Making sure you’re taking a deep inhale and exhale, just remembering that everything is going to be okay and acknowledge your presence on earth.”