Students make money selling shirts; donate proceeds to Cincinnati Zoo

Taylorae Dunn | MBC Reporter

MBC reporter Maddie Young brings you the news of Lily Hallum and Maggie Kroeger’s business to raise money for endangered sea otters.

While most high schoolers are making small money by babysitting or working at fast food chains, Lily Hallum and Maggie Kroeger have a different approach on a way to earn money.

In December, Hallum decided to start her own t-shirt company and got her close friend Kroeger involved. The two produce and ship short and long sleeved shirts along with quarter zips from inside their house. Hallum decided on an otter as the company’s logo because of her and her sister’s love otters.

Hallum said with some advertising, their shirts have become very popular both inside and outside of Mason.

“We have our friends from other schools spread the word of our company and wear our shirts,” Hallum said. “We also post things all over social media.”

Since December they have sold over 200 shirts and made over 2000 dollars. The business is ran by Halum and Kroeger, and according to Hallum’s mother, Lisa Hallum, she has one simple job.

“I am the official driver to hobby lobby,” L. Hallum said. “I just make sure the girls have all the supplies they need and clean up after themselves.”

Hallum and Kroeger’s new business has additional benefits. Hallum said the pair decided to donate a percentage of the company’s profit to help endangered sea otters.

“With our design being an otter, we decided to donate 20 percent of our profits from the shirts to the local Cincinnati Zoo” Hallum said.


Freshmen Lily Hallum and Maggie Kroeger showcase their otter t-shirts. Photo by Brooke Radcliff.