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Two Cities Pizza combines a taste of the Big Apple with the Windy City

India Kirssin | Managing Editor

It’s a tale of two cities – right here in Mason.

Two Cities Pizza opened its doors in downtown Mason last month. The new pizzeria, located on West Main Street, has already grabbed the attention of many Mason residents with its mixture of New York and Chicago style pizza.

Co-owner Zach Greves said he and his business partner realized no one was serving two different pizza styles in one restaurant and decided to combine the best of both worlds.

“About two years ago my business partner and I were trying to decide what kind of business we wanted to go into together,” Greves said. “We ended up doing some market research and found out there is really no place that is doing New York City pizza and Chicago pizza under one roof. Our big passion there was, let’s bridge the gap, let’s bring everything together and do it under one roof and say we have the best of both cities.”

On top of interesting pizza combinations, Two Cities’ outdoor patio, brightly lit sign, and unique art deco building have made it a new Mason hotspot. Greves said the restaurant was created not only to serve good pizza but to provide a great atmosphere and environment for a wonderful community.

“That was our heart behind it, a concept restaurant where people can come and hang out and not just get a piece of pizza and leave but have an experience,” Greves said. “This is one of a kind. You can get a lot of different style pizzas a lot of different places, but to get a package of product, concept, and hospitality in the way that we do it, there’s only one place you can get that and that’s here.”

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