Chess team defeats Aviators to become GMC champions

Calista Busch | Staff Writer

Checkmate Aviators.

The Mason High School chess team declared their victory in the last round of GMC against the Sycamore Aviators on December 5. The Comets defeated the last year’s champions by a one game lead.

Mason and Sycamore both entered the second round of the tournament 7-1; however, Mason came out of the match up on top, not losing a single game in the second day of competition.  

Junior Jeffrey Huang said that after placing second behind Sycamore last year, regaining their title was what the team needed.

“It feels a lot better since last year we got second,” Huang said. “It felt bad after being in first place for so many years.”

Senior Ashwin Kalyanakumar said a lot of time and energy goes into the preparation for the competitions.

“It’s a grueling process because you have multiple rounds,” Kalyanakumar said. “It’s tiring, (there is) emotional stress. (Pregame preparation) for the average player (is) two hours to refresh upon game tactics and other strategies.”

The commitment paid off for the team and Kalyanakumar said he is happy about the results.

“Mason always dominates the GMC conference, so we did well, and we did well as a team,” Kalyanakumar said. “We already have a standard for Mason overall. It’s going to boost our confidence level.”

Huang said that while the GMC’s are usually the final competition of the season, this win may open more opportunities.  

“Since we know we can do well, it lets us come together and go to different tournaments together,” Huang said. “I feel relieved and excited for this team.