Trending now: Contemporary Art Center draws young crowd

Jacob Fulton | Staff Writer

You don’t need a paintbrush to get involved in art.

At the Contemporary Art Center (CAC), located in downtown Cincinnati, interactive art blends with collections of photographs and surrealist paintings. Though the museum has been around for years, teens have only recently been taking their visits to social media. The variety of exhibits and mediums found within attract them enough to make the 30 minute trek to the Queen City.

Steven Matijcio, curator of the CAC, said that the museum’s history sets it apart from others.

“The CAC was founded by three women in 1939,” Matijcio said. “We are one of the three longest-running, non-collecting art institutions in the United States; we’ve always been dedicated to showcasing the art of our time and celebrating cutting-edge contemporary art.”

Matijcio said the museum has a wide appeal for many different reasons.

“The CAC strives to be timely, engaging and thought-provoking in all that we do,” Matijcio said. “Since February 2016, we also made admission free, which removes all financial barriers and welcomes everyone to explore our space.”

Matijcio said teenagers’ discovery of art has excited him.

“We couldn’t be more pleased that our teenage audience is growing, since they will be the next generation of art patrons,” Matijcio said. “They will bring new ideas, energy and insight to the present and future of contemporary art.”