OPINION: Give Trump a chance

Arnav Damodhar | Associate Editor

Number 45 was not my pick for the White House.

I was not enthusiastic about Rex Tillerson, Betsy Devos, and Tom Price either.

Every four years, thousands of people gather on the steps of the Capitol to witness power pass from one hand to another. This was the case with President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. And now with President Obama and President Donald J. Trump.

For the next four years, he is our President. Regardless, if you voted for him or did not. Even if you are a man or a woman. Even if you are white or black. Even if you are Mexican or Asian.

There are people out there who believe that Donald Trump can quite possibly be the worst thing that happened to this great nation. There are fierce opponents and critics who are waiting on the edge of their seats for President Trump to get impeached.

Let him prove you wrong. At least give him a chance to attempt to heal the drifts in this dividing nation. Allow him to solve the problem of a growing national debt. Recognize his administration’s effort to solve the problem of a broken immigration system and handle international affairs. He may not be not be as articulate and steadfast as his predecessor, but that does not mean that he will be atrocious.

This nation was founded on giving people chances and believing in the future. The people believed in our founding fathers to break away from Great Britain, win a war, and govern an entirely new nation. President Ronald Reagan came to office with one of the lowest approval ratings of his time and is now one the most revered public figures. It is quite possible that Donald Trump might be great. Don’t judge him for what he said, but for what he will do.

But there is also possibility that President Trump might be not be the best candidate for the job. And if that happens, do not believe in the constitutional limitations placed on his power, but instead in your ability bring about change.