City welcomes diversity at annual Taste of Mason

Arnav Damodhar | Associate Editor

On February 8, Mason High School served as a hub for cultural exchange at the annual Taste of Mason.

The city of Mason came together to experience its many cultures and try different foods. Local restaurants like Troy’s Cafe, Two Cities Pizza, Cazadores Mexican Grill Chan’s Asian Wok, and Soho Bistro catered event.

Junior Aaron Goetz said that the food served at the event is very diverse and gives him perspective about other cultures.

“They have everything,” Goetz said. “They have pizza, Japanese food, chinese food, Mexican food. They have a wide variety. I think that is really cool. It’s not your typical burgers or pizza.”

Throughout the night, attendees were entertained by cultural performances like Indian Classical dancing, Taekwondo, Mexican folk dancing, and more. MHS groups like Jazz Club, ASL Club, and the drum line also performed.

Senior and Comet Savings and Loans member Ashley Schaleger said that the bank entertained the kids attending the event by having a passbook, trivia, and a cross word puzzle. These activities helped them get perspective of other cultures and the money they use, Schlaeger said.

“As the bank we are trying to teach kids of foreign exchange and how they can exchange their pesos to nickels,” Schlager said. “ Kids can do word searches and crossword puzzles to learn about different countries. We have different games like a chopstick penny game where kids take pennies and gather them with chopsticks. We have money ball toss and trivia about different money.”

Next year will be the event’s 10th anniversary and is expected to see yet another large turnout. Senior Natalie Anderson said Taste of Mason is very important to bring the community together.

“Everyone comes together in Mason from different cultures,” Anderson said. “I think it’s important because Mason is so diverse. Everyone can get to know the different cultures here. A lot of us aren’t sure of everything that is available to us. I think it’s really good that everyone gets together this one time a year.”

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Photos by Staff Writer Juliana Discher.