Fidget spinners cause stir

Arnav Damodhar | Staff Writer

Instead of clicking their pens, students can now fidget with their spinners.

Seniors Evan Krimpenfort and Zach Oldham make Fidget Spinners in Oldham’s home and distribute them to other students. Fidget spinners are triangular gadgets that are made to prevent teens from playing with their fingers or engaging in other nervous habits like biting their nails or clicking a pen. They are made using a 3D file on the computer and then printed on a 3D printer.

Oldham said that he got the idea for the toy when he noticed another student making it.

“Aaron Boyd was originally making them,” Oldham said. “He got tired of it. (Evan and I) picked up the slack and started making it. Evan had a 3D file for them. I printed one (and) it worked pretty well. Then we started selling them after that.”

Oldham said the pair has been continuously making modifications to their design, specifically the bearings. The bearings are the metallic circles inside the spinner.

“We had to make the file more printable, so we flattened it,” Oldham said. “We’ve used cheaper bearings on the outside in order to purchase better bearings for the center. That way it spins for longer. We have (also) managed to match the bearing colors.”

Oldham said the products are in high demand, creating a profitable business.

“We have made and sold about 50,” Oldham said. “I think we have made $600. There’s a very high demand. We have never caught up on orders. It’s hard to build them all, and it takes so much time.”

Oldham said that making the spinners gives him an exposure to STEM which he thoroughly enjoys.

“I got the 3D printer because I was interested in the technology, and I am going into a STEM field,” Oldham said. “I had not originally bought it to make the spinners. Making the spinners came (about) when I realized I can make something aside from self interest. I like making (them).”