Ohio mandated ACT administered as part of new graduation requirements

Arnav Damodhar | Staff Writer

On March 21, Mason High School staff administered the first American College Test during school hours free of cost for all juniors.

The test consisted of an English, Math, Reading, and Science section. According to the Ohio Department of Education, the class of 2018 requires 18 points to graduate. These points can be earned through End of Course Exams. Students can, however, earn a readiness score on the ACT and use that to meet the graduation requirement. The readiness scores that students need to earn to meet the graduation requirement are an 18 in the  English section, 22 in the Math section, and 22 in the Reading section.

Administrative Assistant Angela Engen said the state funded test gives another way for students to graduate and prepares them for college.

“(It is) another opportunity for our students to have an another graduation pathway,” Engen said. “This is in addition to the points for End of Course exams. It’s also a great opportunity for students in Ohio to use this as a college readiness score.”

Engen said that students followed the same process on the Ohio mandated ACT as other nationally administered ACT tests.

“This is the same as national testing,” Engen said. “As long as the student completes the information sheet that they fill out during homeroom, the scores will link up after testing. It is the same as the national testing, but there is no writing.”

Engen said that the administration of the ACT will continue in the future and that the state mandate presents Ohio students with a good opportunity to gain experience with college admittance tests.

“It is a new test, and the state is doing this,” Engen said. “This is in cooperation for trying to get an another opportunity for graduation. The state is planning on doing this every year. The ACT is an amazing test. Most of our students do well on it. It’s great that everyone will have an opportunity to participate in a college entrance test free of charge.”