Students make their claims to fame in pairs

Delaney Turner | Staff Writer

Name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait.

Sherlock and Watson, Batman and Robin, and Kimye are only a few dynamic duos. The duos of the world influence social media, fashion, and ultimately affect the way the world functions. At Mason High School, it is no different. Duos are taking on the halls and making big impacts.

Collin & Megan

Juniors Collin Aldrich and Megan Ledford have shape Drama Club into an accepting and fun environment. As “Man in the Chair” and “Kitty” in the spring musical “The Drowsy Chaperone,” this duo has more than just a role on the stage and under the lights. Both actors ensure that everyone feels welcome and important as a part of the show.

By letting loose and continuing to maintain a professional attitude, the actors have made Drama Club an exciting setting. Aldrich said that being upperclassmen will not be the only influence the two have on the rest of the club.

“People look up to us because, yes, we are upperclassmen but also because we are always willing to help others,” Aldrich said. “We always have a positive attitude towards the show and everyone who is a part of it.”

Brooke & Elle

Seniors Brooke Rice and Elle Buffenbarger are a power duo on the softball team. The athletes have been playing together since fourth grade and have started varsity the past two seasons. As catcher and pitcher, the duo has a unique approach to leadership on the field.

Rice said that their friendship will greatly benefit them as the season approaches. As starting underclassmen, the two had to look to themselves to make an impact.

“I feel like you always have to have a strong pitcher-catcher duo because if they don’t get along, you’re going to have some issues,” Rice said. “I think that over the years we’ve never really had those seniors to look up to, so I think it’s good for the both of us that we have each other to lean on. Now that it’s our senior year, we’ve kind of figured it out and we’re ready to lead the team.”

Sion & Axel

Two brothers are dominating the Ultimate Frisbee field. The duo has been playing varsity for the past two seasons, and continues to play competitively across the country. Senior Sion Agami and junior Axel Agami are both core members of Mason’s Ultimate Frisbee team.

Both athletes focus on increasing the competition among teammates and bettering their results. Axel said that the competitiveness between siblings pushes them to success.

“When we scrimmage, we’re always on separate teams,” Axel said. “I’m always guarding him and he’s always guarding me, so we’re constantly pushing each other. That leads the competition at practice to increase, and everyone gets better because of it.”

Harrison & Kayleigh

In the annual National Honors Society talent show, two students have competed with success the past two years. Sophomore Kayleigh Flynn and junior Harrison Wright have taken their talents to the stage. Flynn sings vocals while Wright keys the piano; both come together to create an amazing show.

The two never expected to partake in an event like the talent show, but they were happy to step out of their comfort zones.

Flynn said that their successful performances can be attributed to the duo’s bond, which reaches a spiritual level.

“Harrison and I have lived down the street from each other for five years,” Flynn said.“We got closer to each other through Swimming and Young Life and just magically thought of the idea of being a duo for the talent show after swim practice one day last year. We work really well together and always have a good time. Before we go on stage, we always pray together and dance a little to get hyped up.”

Hannah & Katherine

A set of identical twins are ruling the halls –  literally. Seniors Hannah and Katherine Geiger are president and vice president of the student body, respectively, and do not fail at shaping the positivity of Mason High School.

Katherine said that their ability to use various clubs as an outlet to impact the school as well as the community has deeply affected the duo.

“StuGo is really cool because we do so many different events and things for the whole school, so there are a ton of different ways it can impact the school,” Geiger said. “Whether it’s homecoming or Kids Count or any other event or fundraiser, StuGo is always doing something different and that’s really cool.”

As twins, this duo has a singular opportunity to impact the school. Hannah said that knowing her sister well has factored into the success of spreading positivity.

“We’ve been together our whole lives,” Hannah said. “We do everything together and people look at us as a unit. We try really hard to be a positive force at Mason, so we’ve kind of made it our mission to make sure everyone feels welcome and loved and comfortable. I think it’s good that there are two people who have the same mindset.”

Ashley & Allison

Senior Ashley Volpenhein and junior Allison Bloebaum dominated the Greater Miami Conference (GMC) this past, both earning state titles in their respective events. The duo credits its achievements to experience and confidence.

“We had both been to all (the) state meets so to have that experience in leadership to help our team as well as possible is what we did the most for our team,” Bloebaum said.

Both athletes succeeded in the meets leading up to the state meet, gaining them “power points,” awarded for times nearing USA Swimming’s benchmark. At the end of the GMC meet, the athletes tied in power points, and were both honored as GMC athletes of the year. Bloebaum said she felt incredibly proud to earn this title with her fellow teammate.

“To tie with her was really special because we’re teammates, and at practice, we’re partners when we do all of our workouts,” Bloebaum said. “To have that experience plus everything we’ve been through this season was pretty cool.”