German NHS emphasizes culture with Academic German Day

Ria Parikh | Staff Writer

German National Honor Society created an event to celebrate German culture and to connect German students.

On April 12, German NHS had their first annual Academic German Day in the Mason High School kiva. Advisor Christina Martich said the idea for this day (which is open to any German student) came from a similar event.

“The University of Cincinnati has had one for decades,” Martich said. “But their time constraints and dates make it very difficult for us to attend it. So I thought ‘Why can’t we do this here?’”

Senior Lily Carroll is one of the students in charge of the event and she said some of the activities planned were competitive games to teach about German culture.

“(There is) a kahoot first, and then a slideshow that’s about Germany and different fun facts about the culture,” Carroll said. “And then (we have) a Jeopardy style (activity).

German student and senior Sam Childress said she enjoys being able to interact with her classmates outside of a formal classroom setting.

“(It’s exciting) just to interact with everyone,” Childress said. “We’ve all been in a class at one point together, whether it was German I or German II, but it’s just good to see people outside of the class too.”

Carroll said she hopes this event will shine light on the German community at MHS.

“We want (to raise) more awareness for the German culture,” Carroll said. “(We also want to highlight) the German society here at Mason because it’s very small. I think it’s important (to have this event) to bring awareness and educate people about Germany.”

Martich said she would like to expand the event to other high schools in the future.

“We hope to have an annual event like this,” Martich said. “And after a couple of years, invite programs and students from high schools, like Kings or Springboro or wherever in the region.”