Senior lot goose takes to Twitter to communicate with his fans

Lauren Thomas | Staff Writer

Seniors Kate Leathers and Mikey Loehr tweet “honk honk” as their alter ego @seniorlotgoose. Known colloquially as Richard the Goose, the identity of the parking lot wildlife protecting his wife and eggs just feet from A pod has been a mystery for months.

Leathers began the page spontaneously one day, after walking into school and seeing a goose at which fellow seniors were gawking. From there, she created the page and infamously named the goose Richard. The Twitter page took off, soaring to 250 followers within a week. The pressure to send out hilarious tweets multiple times a day caused Leathers to enlist the help of her friend senior Mikey Loehr.

“I quickly realized ‘Wow, this is a big responsibility,’” Leathers said. “I can’t do this alone, so I texted Mikey and said, ‘Congrats, you’re now in charge of this goose account with me.’ We share the account like 70/30.”

Leathers said the initial intention of the account was purely humorous.

“I created the account just for fun; I thought it was hilarious that a goose was continuously attacking people, so I was like I might as well make this into a character,” Leathers said. “I’m glad that people are taking this to the next level.”

Leathers and Loehr think their account’s popularity will fade as their identities emerge  as operators of the Twitter account. They said that the charm and mystery now associated with the account will dwindle.

“I feel like once people know it’s us, (the following) will begin to slow down,” Leathers said. “I feel like the fact that it’s a mystery, it eggs it on a little bit more. People will say, ‘It’s Kate tweeting, it’s Mikey tweeting,’ not Richard.”

The pair sees value in the account with its ability to humanize Richard, so students are less likely to harm him. The goose retorts at student’s tweets describing their frustrations with the geese often standing in the middle of sidewalks, protecting their eggs and honking at students. One of his most popular tweets is: “walk by my eggs, i’ll nip at your legs.”

“Richard is not only spreading awareness for destressing; he’s also spreading awareness for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals),” Leathers said. “That’s all that matters, the protection of animals.”

Richard the Goose is now at 335 followers. Since Richard resides in senior lot with his wife and eggs, seniors have been affected more so than other students. While some see the goose as aggressive, senior Audrey Lund sees Richard as a positive symbol. Lund has been a “goose activist” for as long as she can remember. The title is even in her Twitter bio to advocate for her cause. She is no stranger to the flying birds, for she regularly spends her weekends tossing stale bread into ponds for geese.

“Geese aren’t aggressive; I love geese,” Lund said. “Last weekend I went and fed geese at Pine Hill. They’ll come near you, and they’ll be all nice, and they’ll all just sit there and eat your bread.”

Lund sees the now-famous goose as a symbol of hope and happiness. Richard the Goose has been a light-hearted reminder that sometimes laughter is the best medicine when it comes to stressful seasons.

“Richard has been a positive influence on my life, and everyone’s life,” Lund said. “There’s AP tests, there’s End of Course tests, there’s final exams, all of these things, Richard is just like a ‘Hey, don’t worry about it.’”