Kitty Brew purrfect spot for cat lovers

Ashton Nichols | Staff Writer

Kitty Brew Cat Cafe has become a popular location for teenagers to hang out, study, and receive their fix of cat cuddles.

The cafe is divided in half; one side is a coffee shop and the other an adoption rescue center. There are 12-15 cats at a time at Kitty Brew Cat Cafe, and all are adoptable. It is 10 dollars to play with the cats for 50 minutes and all of the money is directed back to the cats for food and litter. Kitty Brew owner Jenni Barrett said she decided to open Kitty Brew because of her passion to help animals.

“I’ve always loved animals,” Barrett said. “I thought, ‘This is kind of fun trapping feral cats’, so I started trapping, and then I ended up with foster kittens. I fell in love with rescue. Then I saw an episode of ‘Shark Tank’ where a girl had pitched a cat cafe. I didn’t know what it was, so we did the research (and) decided it was a good idea. 18 months later, here we are.”

Barrett said she hopes to be able to expand Kitty Brew in the future, and to be able to continue to provide homes to felines in need.

“I hope we can adopt out as many cats as possible,” Barrett said. “I (also) hope we can maintain the presence we have in Mason.”