RED, RHYTHM, & BOOM SHOWcases Phillip Phillips and Rozzi’s fireworks show

Yogesh Patel | Staff Writer

Red, Rhythm, & Boom had a booming number of attendees compared to last year’s crowd.

Mason city council showcased its annual Red, Rhythm, & Boom celebration on July 3 with festivities wrapping around the front of the high school and the back of the municipal center. The event included a performance by Phillip Phillips and ended with Rozzi’s famous fireworks show.

The experience was open to the community and was free of cost — guests could enjoy the combination of vendors, inflatables, and music. Event volunteer and senior Rishi Mehta said it was an all-inclusive event that allowed people to intermingle and meet within the community.

“There are a lot of people here and the event caters to all different age groups,” Mehta said. “It is an inclusive event that allows for different age groups to be together.”

A mix of high school volunteers and other community members monitored the event, but the guests brought it to life. Vishu Namburi said he enjoyed the festivities and people.

“There’s various activities and things to do in general,” Namburi said. “New friendships are made and you can meet new community members you wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Photos by Tanner Pearson.