Sunshine Concert series brings potential customers to local business

Kaitlin Lewis | Staff Writer

Mason is using rhythm to boost local business.

On July 23, Mason hosted their seventh Sunshine Concert Series of the summer. The city already held four concerts in June, all taking place on Fridays in Downtown Mason. Being free of charge to attend, the goal was to bring attraction to local shops and restaurants. Now in July, Mason has been holding their concerts on Sunday nights at the City of Mason Golf Center, in hopes of highlighting the golf center and its restaurant.

While both locations attracted a crowd, the concerts in June had a larger attendance than the Sunday night concerts. Dan Chambers, City of Mason employee, said the Friday concerts had an average attendance of 500 or more.

“We had one block party where we had to close a section of U.S. 42,” Chambers said. “We had nearly 2,000 at that block party.”

The smaller crowds on Sunday nights brought potential customers to the Golf Center; about 150-200 people attend the concerts in July. Last night, the Sly Band — a popular wedding band — performed for the crowd. Along with live music, concerts in the series offer food vendors and children activities, making it fun for the whole family.

“We have a lot of families turn out here,” Chambers said, “We did have a few more on Friday nights, but we have all the kids activities and inflatables up for all of the concerts.”

The last Sunshine Concert Series this summer is next Sunday, July 30 at the Mason Golf Center. If you missed the concerts this year, Chambers said the city will continue this series next year as well.

“They have been on for several years now in a few different locations,” Chambers said. “We definitely want to continue this event.”

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Photos by Andrea Hefferan.